Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Week 2

Hello my amazing friends and family!
I love you!  Thank you to all those who have sent me things during the week either through dearelder or in the mail.  I can't even explain how much it makes my day.  I'm loving my over all MTC experience, but there are definitely challenging times and days.  Thursday and Friday were so challenging because lessons weren't going to the way we would have liked.  Then you get frustrated with your companion and how you are in unison, but we had long talks to work through our problems.  All in all it has been great for communication building.  It's typically normal problems that you have when you are adjusting to being with other people 24/7! Hah. 

Saturday was very rewarding and we had two very positive experiences.  It made all the week struggles pay off.  Honestly, my district is amazing! I would not have been able to come this far with out their love, support, and friendship! I love that the friendships I'm building now will last for years to come.  The district who came before us is officially gone now.  Today on P-day the new district came in, but we haven't met them yet.  They are all elders. Half of them are going to Germany English speaking and the other half is going to India English speaking! lol. It's been tough having the other district leave but I got their contact info so I'm planning on keeping in touch. 

I am flying to NYC in five days!!! CRAZY!!! I am so excited =) I'm sad about leaving my friends in my district because we have all become such good friends but the fact that I have new adventures and new experiences waiting for me is helping me look forward.  Sister Broderick is our travel leader.  It is the two of us plus six elders flying to New York.  We know two of the NYC elders really well because on the first day one of them got put in the wrong class.  His name is Elder Fabbi.  He's awesome! Or should I say Fab?! JK haha anyways, his host brought him to the wrong classroom on his first day.  They sorted out the matter later that day but I'm glad we had that first day to get to know him since he is actually coming to New York with us.  The other elder going to New York that we know is Elder Matthews and he is currently one of Elder Fabbi's companion (they are in a trio).
Funny moment! In the mornings I like to have life cereal here at the MTC.  The other day the dispenser I got the life cereal out of had the word Eternal written over it. So it read, "Eternal Life" hahaha There's nothing like a bowl of eternal life for breakfast =)

I've been singing with the MTC choir on Sundays and then performing on Tuesdays during the devotional.  It's been a magnificent experience.  I love how spiritually uplifted I am here.  Well I'm running short on time.  In the field I'll have twice the amount of time to email.
I want you to remember how much I love all of you.  I would not be the person I am today with out your influence and love! The person I am today is the one that is growing into the missionary I want to be tomorrow.  Every day I try to recommit to being the best missionary I can.  I love the Savior and what he suffered so that we could return to live with our father in heaven once again.  Furthermore, I love having my understanding pushed and challenged as I learn the basic simple truths of the gospel.

This Friday we have in-feild training with the members from the district videos. Basically what that means is I might be able to take some pictures with some past missionaries that I idolized from the training videos! hahah. Anyways apart from that I'll be enjoying my last Sunday at the MTC and packing up before Tuesday morning.  I can't help but wonder if my neice will be born the day I fly to NYC!!! That's be pretty cool because her big brother was born on my birthday two and a half years ago. It'd lead me to believe they cordinate when my sister in law goes into labor based off of some cool event taking place in my life! ;) lol Just kiddding Jane. I'm just so excited for you! Please send me some pictures when you can.
Sister Emily Johnson

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