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Thursday January 17th - Wednesday January 23rd

Thursday January 17th - Wednesday January 23rd

Recap: Shortly after Christmas there was a poem I wanted to email but I forgot it.  I have it with me today and I think it is especially helpful now that the season has passed. 
I invite you to read this poem and reflect on how you can let the spirit of Christmas work in your life this year (2013).

When the song of the angels is stilled,
When the star in the sky is gone,
When the kings and princes are home,
When the shepherds are back with their flock,
The work of Christmas begins:
To find the lost,
To heal the broken,
To feed the hungry.
To release the prisoner,
To rebuild the nations,
To bring peace among people,
To make music in the heart."

-Dr. Howard Thurman

I absolutely love this poem.  It reminds me that the work of what we celebrate each Christmas season is really the spirit would should have with us all year long.  Decembers are especially meaningful if we do the work of Christmas during the whole year. <3

Weekly Report:

IT'S FREEZING!!! The wind/air eats away at my skin! haha but seriously!

Thursday Jan. 17th:
It was a busy day! We did our weekly planning and finished in a timely manner! That's always exciting.  We went the church for our lesson with Brendan (teaching Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy and the Law of Chastity) From there we went to visit Yassmin who I knew from the Bronx.  Directly after that we ran to have dinner with Tempestt Turman.  She is a member in our ward who I am best friends with! We took pictures with our backpacks.  She took us to a place called Roti Roll and it was actually really good! It's like Indian food in a wrap and I got one with mild spices and I loved it! I want to go there again.  We ended the night by going to visit a former investigator from before the holidays.  

This past week or two I have been especially surprised by how quickly Wednesday comes!

Friday Jan. 18th:
We had a Mission Leadership Training that took up the majority of the day.  It was really great.  A lot of information and spiritual thoughts from the Sister's Conference were repeated but I didn't mind because it gave me a second chance to soak it in.  The message of which was focused on our purpose as a missionary, what standard we are to live up to as an official representative of the church and how we made a promise to the prophet to leave all other things behind as we seek to do the Lord's work.  There's nothing quite like the reminder that you made a promise to the prophet that really kicks my focus into gear! haha, well and the fact that I made a promise to the Lord. It's wonderful though because I'm seeing how quickly the end of my mission is approaching as I draw nearer to my year mark.  Plus with all the incoming missionaries the missionaries who have been out for a while are loosing a week from each transfer to adjust to the surge.  Due to this I could be finishing my mission July 31st.  It's just too close to the end for me to tolerate loosing focus.  We had dinner that night with Ash Coleman at this cool French sandwich place.  I had a Mr. Otto sandwich which included roast beef, pickled pears and tickled cheddar.  The pears were sweet and added a nice balance to the sandwich.

Sunday Jan. 20th:
We had three investigators at church and one at church in Virginia. After church we had a meeting with our ward mission leader and the ward missionaries.  It was exciting to bring us all together and everyone reported back on news they had. It was empowering and exciting to realize when you get great minds together, set goals and delegate tasks great things can happen.  Our ward has a lot of support with missionary work.  We're planning a dinner with our Bishop's family so they can get to know our investigators better.  Ever since one of our recent converts has struggled in the ward I realized our investigators need to have a good relationship with the Bishop. 

Tuesday Jan. 22nd:
We had two member present lessons! One of the members (Michael Brandley) joined us for both lessons.  He served in the New York South Mission.  We taught Brendan about tithing and fast offerings.  He's become so humble and accepting of the things we teach.  I have learned so much from Brendan.  He has really seen the spiritual strength come into his life since we've been meeting with him and he knows the Lord will continue to guide him even when he doesn't fully understand every detail right now.  Then we taught Dana with Michael and Dakota and it was great. We discussed Dana's concerns. We had an idea of the points that are holding him back from feeling confident about baptism. It was great to here it from him though.  He has a baptismal date for February 15th that he is preparing for.  He said he's been praying about baptism and he feels better about it now than he has before but he's still not sure. He is one his way =)  I love seeing people resolve their concerns and progress in the blessings of this gospel. 
We made our way to visit a less active member and her mom. It was freezing cold!!!!! This was when it started getting really bad!!! It's suppose to snow a few days from now and then it'll warm up supposedly.  After that we had correlation with our ward mission leader.
Then Sister Lavaki made a delicious meal with some groceries I had bought.  It was team work lol.

Wednesday Jan. 23rd:
Today! I love getting laundry done lol.  Sister Lavaki made us pancakes for breakfast. After I finish emailing we're going to play games with the elders from our district.  

I should know today or tomorrow if I will be training.   
Thursday Jan. 24th  There is supposedly going to be a training meeting for all those who will be training.
Wednesday Jan. 31st  TRANSFERS and we have no idea what is going to happen! This transfer is going to be a big deal! There will be six new English sisters coming in.  Right now there are eight of us haha so I'm 80% confident I will be training. I'm really excited about the idea.  I think I'd be a fun trainer lol
February 9th Brendan is getting baptized!  He asked me to be one of the speakers.

Well my loved ones...

I love you.  I hope you can feel the Lord blessing you and guiding you each day. 

My time is being spent. All I can do is appreciate each day and count my blessings.
I add my testimony to that of Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf from this last General Conference's talk Of Regrets and Resolution,

"It is my testimony that many of the deepest regrets of tomorrow can be prevented by following the Savior today. If we have sinned or made mistakes—if we have made choices that we now regret—there is the precious gift of Christ’s Atonement, through which we can be forgiven. We cannot go back in time and change the past, but we can repent. The Savior can wipe away our tears of regret11 and remove the burden of our sins.12His Atonement allows us to leave the past behind and move forward with clean hands, a pure heart,13 and a determination to do better and especially to become better...
The path toward fulfilling our divine destiny as sons and daughters of God is an eternal one. My dear brothers and sisters, dear friends, we must begin to walk that eternal path today; we cannot take for granted one single day. I pray that we will not wait until we are ready to die before we truly learn to live. In the sacred name of Jesus Christ, amen."

I love the blessings available to use through the atonement of Jesus Christ. 

Peace and Blessings
Peace and Blessin's

Sister Johnson

Tempestt and us
After we taught Brendan on Thursday
Dakota, Me, Sister Lavaki and Dana
Michael who joined our lessons 

It's cold!!!
It's Burrr here for sure! 

Lego picture
bulletin board in the primary room in Harlem
sister Lavaki's pancake lol


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Highlights Weekly Report

Highlights Weekly Report 
Thursday January 10th - Wednesday January 16th

Thursday Jan. 10th
We had our Sister's Conference which was wonderful! All of the sisters in the mission, including senior sisters came together to hear from: the traveling sisters, the assistants to the president, and the mission president and his wife.  Each one spoke on a different topic and left us with a lot to ponder and reflect.
I was spiritually uplifted and it helped me refocus on what Heavenly Father needs me to do to improve.  Overall one of the things that I took away from the conference is that I made a promise to the prophet that I would maintain the highest standards, leave behind all other personal affairs, and be an official representative of our Savior Jesus Christ.  I left the conference committed to be more disciplined in the way I keep my focus, in tune with the spirit, and professional in my personal conduct. I am here to represent the Lord.  In otherwords I need to remember to loose myself in the service of my heavenly father.
I have already seen the difference in the measure of the spirit I feel.  I am excited to see how I continue to grow in these last 6 months.  I'm determined this is the only real way to do the Lord's work.  I feel edified and ready to give my very best.  I apologize  if I am not very good at writing letters or getting back to individuals.  I just know that the time I have left to serve the Lord is quickly ending and I want to invest all my energy and efforts here. 
After the conference we had a lesson with Dana. He is someone that the sisters started teaching but then he got passed to the elders because they taught closer to where he lives. He lives in the Bronx now so he wants us to teach him now.  He is awesome! I love seeing how reading the Book of Mormon really guides us to Jesus Christ.  He has so much potential and I'm excited to get to know him better.
We had a dinner appointment that night with a member who is roommates with the Barlow girl (Seth you know their family).  Their apartment is so cute! I look forward to decorating my own place one day!

Friday Jan. 11th
We had another APF (area prosylting focus) at the same spot as last week.  Again we gave away about 40 copies of the Book of Mormon.  Sister Lancaster gave me apackage from Tristan! Thanks Tristan =)  After we finished there we went to the church to have a lesson with Brendan! It was a wonderful lesson!  At the very beginning he told us that he had read the whole chapter of Alma 32 and loved it.  He knew he needed to be baptized because verse 16 really hit him.   It talks about being baptized without stubbornness of heart.  He was so happy. I love how the scriptures can help us receive personal revelation!  He's a truly wonderful person and he's been one of the most proactive in his learning of the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Our dinner calendar is picking up a lot! It was slow for a while in the fall but now we started getting fed every night. It's awesome! I definitely don't have any complaints about that.
We had another dinner appointment and we're trying to help members recognize opportunities to share the gospel with people who are already in their life. 

Saturday Jan. 12th
We had two appointments with elderly individuals from the family ward.  On Saturdays we go with the elders in the Harlem 1st Ward to go see Brother Keitt and Sister Dickey.  They are both characters! They truly look forward to the missionaries visiting all week.  Any missionary who comes through this area knows who they are =)

Sunday Jan. 13th
It was a lovely day! We had a few investigators at church and a few new faces that our potential investigators! It was busy but wonderful.  We stayed after church because Brendan wanted to see the baptismal font! We had dinner with Nick Knutson and then headed to the CES Fireside!  We met up with Dana and his friend Dakota who is a member.  We all went to the broadcast together! Dakota works at Levain Bakery and he brought us some delicious cookies!!!  Pretty much all Sister Lavaki and I ate Sunday was sweets haha. We started the day with brownies that Sister Woo made.  At church the Relief Society won a contest against the Elders Quorum about who could have a higher reporting average for visiting and home teaching. Not necessarily a higher number of who did their teaching, but simply reporting.  Since we won Jon Burgen had made cookies, brownies, and truffels! Delicious! Then our dinner was the cookies from Levain Bakery.  If anyone has easy healthy recipes I would love copies! haha I don't intend to always eat sweets.  Oh and I thought the CES Fireside/broadcast was amazing! If you missed it check it out!  

Monday Jan. 14th
We went to District meeting at the Inwood chapel.  Elder Conlon, my district leader gave a wonderful training on how significant prayer, scripture study, and church attendance can be in our lives and especially as we prepare for all the changes in the mission.
After District Meeting we came back to our chapel.  We were suppose to be meeting with a referral from the spanish sisters but he didn't show. We ended up contacting individuals and giving away copies of the Book of Mormon outside the chapel with Elder Witbeck and Elder World (from Sandy Ut). Sister Lavaki even gave a copy of the Book of Mormon to a Cop =D  It was really cold! The weather is so back and forth. Recently though it has started being very cold again!  It is fun to work together as missionaries.  They joined us for a lesson with a man Sister Lavaki had contacted on the street a few days prior who has since denounced Christianity.  He was open to hearing our message.  I'm not sure how well he absorbed what we shared but I am very grateful the elders joined our lesson because Elder Witbeck was able to keep up with him on all his intense knowledge about the history and background of the bible! lol

Tuesday Jan. 15th
What a busy day!  We had two lessons, one with Brendan and the other with Dana.  They are both great! I know I keep saying that but I mean it =)  Brendan didn't have any big questions for us like he normally does.  He's been feeling a lot of peace and feeling that he doesn't have to worry because the missing pieces will come in time. He has starting telling his friends and family about his baptism!  As for Dana he committed to prepare to be baptized on February 15th.  He still has concerns but we talked about the importance of having a goal to work towards and how it shows Heavenly Father we are willing to act on the answers we want to receive in our prayers.
We had a meeting with Bishop Blair and Alex Kim to discus the work and follow up from our last meeting about how we can help the bishop.  It was really good to be able to report on what we've tried to do since our meeting at the end of November.  It's really neat to work hand in hand with the bishop because he has the keys and stewardship over the work in this area.  If we are doing what he would like us to all is well =)

Wednesday Jan. 16th
Today we went to Target to exchange a fitness ball I bought last week for one that wasn't missing the pump.  Then we came to the Harlem Chapel to email.  After this we are going up to Inwood to place games with our zone at the chapel on Riverside Dr.  Following that we have an appointment with a member for dinner.  Life is going well!  Sister Lavaki is crazy and as a result we are crazy together!  I have no ideas what President Morgan is going to do this upcoming transfer (January 30th).  I think I could be training in this area but it's hard to say for sure.  By April they will have opened 3-5 areas for English speaking sisters upstate.  Right now the only places English sisters serve are various parts in Manhattan and the Bronx.  I'm looking forward to the leadership training tomorrow!

The next few weeks are going to be very crazy! I am excited and focused.  This is my time to let my light so shine and allow others to see my good works and glorify my father in heaven!
I love you and I hope you have a wonderful week!

Sister Johnson

president morgan and myself
all the sisters and these numbers are doubling
Some of the sisters with Sister Morgan. They gave us all different scarfs for us to remember to get "wrapped up" in the work.

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Thursday Jan. 3rd - Wednesday Jan. 9th

It's always good for me to sit down and write about the week because I'm able to think,
 "What did I do this week?"
Haha I know many of us have to confront our memory as we recall previous memories.
Weekly Report:
Thursday January 3rd:
We taught two lessons and had dinner with one of our members.
Our lessons where with Brendan and Jeff.  They are always a blast to teach!  I love preparing to teach investigators because it allows me to ponder the doctrine and what questions or concerns the person we're teaching might have that I don't have.  Both were some what long lessons as we addressed their needs in depth. Plus it was Sister Lavaki's first time meeting them, so it was a tough way to jump in and get to know them lol, but she did great =)
Friday January 4th:
The APF (Area Prosylting Focus) was in our area.  That's when our zone comes together to help one companionship with a consentrated effort in one area.  It used to be called a Blitz.  We followed through with an idea I had one night when I was pondering something Elder Rasband (a general authority) had said about when he was a mission president.  In one area the only thing the missionaries could do was stand on the corner and give out copies of the Book of Mormon.  Although the missionaries didn't know how their efforts would impact that area Elder Rasband did get to see a baptism come forward from their efforts a few years earlier.  So I got thinking, "Why not tell people we're giving out free copies of the Book of Mormon? We do that anyways, but if they know that up front maybe they'll be more inclined to take one.  Plus people who are more interested will be filtered faster. "  I felt good about this idea. I really wanted to give it a shot.  Our companionship brought 20 copies and the elders had about 10 and we set up a table by the 96th station of the 1,2,3 train.  The first five minutes were a little weird and we got two negative responses. However, after that it really picked up! There were all kinds of people coming through there and we were able to put it out there. We gave away 30 copies of the Book of Mormon and some in Spanish within an hour and a half.  It was a joy to give out copies of the Book of Mormon! Some people who took it had never heard of the it so some times they would stop and let us share more.  Others who didn't have time could simply take the book and go.  One guy I talked to said no at first but turned back before crossing the street and said, "Why not?"  I made a point to put a card with our information inside the ones we brought and I'd include a copy of the restoration pamplet when people took a copy =)
With the presidential elections, the Book of Mormon musical, and various news on the church I think people are more aware overall about the church or at least have heard of it. It's a great time to share the gospel because people have questions =)  
The only down side to Friday is that it was freezing cold!!! I was wearing a huge coat and gloves but my fingers felt like they did when I took a fall snowboarding a month before the mission and Tristan had to warm my hands up. It's the kind of cold where I feel I can come really close to crying! I eventually took a break inside the train station.  After a little while we ended the APF and got hot chocolate at 7/11.
Saturday January 5th:
Our whole mission had the opportunity to serve one more time in Queens.  We were put in groups according to our district or zone and then we combined with some of the NY South Missionaries.  We were there to help them finish up with the work orders that had been received because of the storm.  From what I've heard most of the groups didn't have very much work to do.  Our group was lucky though because we were able to help a guy strip out a lot of his mom's house.  He was happy to see the damaged things get removed. His gratitude is the greatest thank you he could give us.  Afterwards there was a time when we were waiting for our ride (the south missionaries had taken the Canadian people who came down to help back to the train station. We stayed behind to finish the clean up. On the way back to pick us up they got lost. The two south missionaries didn't have a GPS and it wasn't their area lol. They were lost for two hours!) so we went to the beach near by. It was fun to sit at the shore.
Sunday January 6th:
I was sick =( I was sick a few days ago with sinus nonsense or a cold. I think it got worse because of Saturday's service. However, it was great going to church and having half of our ward back in town =) In the afternoon we had our inspections where older missionaries come and make sure everything is well with our apartment. The two senior sisters that come to check our apartment are so adorable! I love them =)  We went on a split so Sister Lavaki and Sister Broderick could go to a dinner appointment.  I stayed home with Sister Woo for dinner and we had a deep conversation analyzing what it means to be open with others. It was really interesting.  After the mission I'd like to research some studies and see if there are similar conclusions that have been made.
Monday January 7th:
It was a weird day. However, we did get to teach a lesson with the APs (Assistant to the President) and it was lovely.  We met a crazy lady on the bus! It's pretty normal but this one was especially crazy because she didn't really understand who Jesus was. But she "believes in Isaiah". She was entertaining if nothing else. 
Earlier in the day we met a cool artsy girl that was super nice. She wasn't very interested in learning but she told me about a lot of great art galleries to check out. Sister Lavaki thinks we'd be great friends =)
Tuesday January 8th:
I was able to talk to my Dr. in AZ on the phone. That was cool, plus it shows me I've been out for another six months.  Time is so bizarre, that's why we need to use it well.  Later we had lunch with a member and his roommate who are comedians here in NY. They are very funny =)
Following that we had a lesson with Yassmin! She is a recent convert from the Bronx when I was there. She is living in Harlem now and it was great to see her again.
We met with another investigator and read from the Book of Mormon with him. Earlier we read the first two chapters with him. This time we read chapter 3 and verse 7 really impacted him.  It has given him the desire to search the scriptures and read more.  I love how the scriptures and the spirit can touch us in a deeper way than we can often explain.
Sister Lavaki was very bold with him about our purpose and trying to find out what he wants to learn about and how he has to be willing to put in the time.  At first I was really nervous about what she was saying because I know the investigator a little better but by the end I felt really good about what she said and how really it's how the Lord will bless him.
Wednesday January 9th
Yesterday was my eleven month mark for reporting to the M.T.C.!  How crazy is that =P
We have a few more things to get done today.
  • Thursday January 10th  Sister's Conference
  • Sunday, Jan. 13th CES Firesdie (Elder Uchtdorf)
  • Friday, January 18th  Mission Leadership Training
I love you!
Remember to take time each day to...
  • pray and talk with Heavenly Father
  • study the scriptures
  • go to church (once a week at least)
I know if you do these small and simple things with an open heart Heavenly Father's love and spirit will be with you in rich abundance!
Alma teaches,
"6 Now ye may suppose that this is afoolishness in me; but behold I say unto you, that by bsmall and simple things are great things brought to pass; and small means in many instances doth confound the wise."
I add my witness to Alma's that small and simple things will indeed bring about great things! That's like my life story right now! Both for myself and for the people I am serving here in New York City.
I hope you have a wonderful week!
Sister Emily Johnson

pictures for this week

I was jumping on the damp mattress we rolled up. It was a lot of fun!

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Thursday December 27th 2012 - Wednesday January 2nd 2013

Hello my lovely friends and family!
I haven't emailed you all year!  haha


Can you believe it's the year 2013?! 
I must be getting old or something. lol

Thursday December 27th 2012 - Wednesday January 2nd 2013

Weekly Report:
Thursday Dec. 27th.
Sister Asregadoo was still sick so we rescheduled our appointments. Our District Leader Elder Conlon and his companion Elder Lee came by to give Sister A. a blessing.  Elder Lee who is now in his second transfer (8 weeks into the field) had never given a blessing before. Sister A. asked Elder Lee if he would give her the blessing. Hewas so nervous! He did a wonderful job though. I could tell he really sought heavenly father's help in knowing what to say in his prayer.
  I talked Elder Stratton into bringing us frosties from Wendys because it was the nice thing to do! haha

Friday Dec. 28th.
We had a wonderful lesson with Brendan! He is such a joy to teach.  I can always count on laughing when we teach him because our sense of humor lines up well.  We reviewed 2 Nephi 9 with him and also discussed the Plan of Salvation. Later in the day I was able to call some potential investigators I had contacted previously and set up appointments.  Both potential investigators are for the elders.  I feel very happy when I am able to help other missionaries with the work =)  We had pizza for dinner.  I love the pizza here in NY. I could eat it every day!

Saturday Dec. 29th.
Our investigator Luis got baptized in Los Vegas! I'm so happy for him! He was the one who already knew so much about the church because his girlfriend is a member, he took a class about the church at Columbia that was taught by two LDS members/scholars., he'd been going to institute and church.  It was neat teaching him because he already knew so much but we were able to review the basic teachings (doctrine) of the gospel that are fundamental to having a testimony that this is the restored church of Jesus Christ.  Furthermore, allowing that testimony lead to him feeling confident in his decision to get baptized and make a covenant with Heavenly Father thathe will follow the example of Jesus Christ and keep his commandments.  It's great to see people you teach and care about make that step forward no matter where they actually get baptized.
Random fact: It would have been my Grandma Johnson's 93rd birthday 
As for missionary work here iNew York  we spent the majority of the day with older members from the Harlem 1st Family Ward
Bro Keitt had Sis. A. and I help him make potato pancakes! YES THAT'S RIGHT, POTATO PANCAKES!  I even ate some! If I learn anything else from my mission, at least I am learning how to not be a picky eater! haha

Sunday Dec. 30th.
It was VERY WIND AND COLD!!! Besides that it was a lovely day at church. It was the last time our ward (Harlem YSA) was meeting at 1p.m. Starting in the new year we will be meeting at 9am! I used to think 9:30am was rough in the Bronx and we only lived 15 minutes from the church lol.
We had a quick dinner with some members after church. Then we hurried back to the church to join a lesson with the elders for one of the contacts/potentials I mentioned on Friday. After that we joined the spanish missionaries for dinner with Mamma Daisy. She is a lovely woman from the Harlem 2nd ward that loves having all the missionaries over.

Monday Dec. 31st.
We went to District Meeting at normal.  Elder Lee taught our district a great lesson on developing the Love, Charity, and Service and understanding the way the three of those work together in missionary service.  After DM we found out from one of our zone leaders that Sister Asregadoo was going to be part of an ET (EMERGENCY TRANSFER) and Sister Lavaki was going to come and join me here. This is the area Sister Lavaki started her mission! This news interrupted our plans for the day. We headed straight home to pack up all of Sister Asregadoos things in one hour so we could meet the others sisters in Kingsbridge by 5pm. Considering it was New Years Eve they wanted us in by 6pm that night.
It was so annoying to having the two of us transporting most of her very heavy bags. It took us three trains, 3 elevators and a some stairs. But I sucked it up and just did it with a smile on my face because if it were me getting transferred I would want the help too. It actually reminded me a lot of when I got snowed in over Christmas break in London and I had to man handle all my heavy luggage to and from the airport three or so times as I tried to get a flight home.
Eventually I switched companions at the Kingsbridge Chapel and Sister Lavaki and I have been partying it up every since =)
I'm happy to be with another Tongan companion! She's crazy and I am thrilled =) Also because this was her area before we can get right to work.
She's a hard worker and has a bubbly personality.
We had Chinese food with the other sisters in our apartment (Woo and Broderick) and discussed how we have grown this past year.
I slept really well that night despite the noise because of how tired my arms were from the move lol

Tuesday Jan. 1st 2013

I love starting a new year! It always so exciting to me =)
We had lunch with the Assistants (Elder Fusco and Elder Hutchins) after they brought Sister Lavaki her things that she had left in her apartment during the move. She only brought what she needed for one night. Which I was grateful for yesterday since I was so tired.
We met with Alex Kim, the ward mission leader, and discussed the work and talked about ways we can improve or things we needed help with.  I enjoy coming together on a regular basis and talking about the work because we can set goals and track our progress.
We spent the rest of the evening unpacking, deep cleaning (inspections are coming up where they come check and see if we keep our apartment clean), andreorganizing our lives after Christmas, unexpected transfers, etc.

Today Wed. Jan. 2nd
Sister Lavaki and I share clothes, scarfs, etc. and it's so nice! My wardrobe is expanding! It hasn't been like this since Sister Ortega was in the mission and I could borrow her clothes lol. Also Sister Lavaki is very clean and organized like me. I am excited for the extra spirit and peace I can feel when my environment is clean and organized.  

I'm learning so much and I know there is still much more growth waiting for me in the next months. I'm almost on the final stretch of my mission!
I've been told that with the number of incoming missionaries my finish date of the mission could be July 31st! That sounds so much sooner thaAugust! 

I love you! I pray the Lord is teaching you the cool thingHe is teaching me! haha because I'll want to talk about the things I learn when I return home from the mission.

Sister Emily Johnson

upcoming: tomorrow we have three lessons planned =)

pictures to correspond with this week!

It was so cold!
i'm making potato pancakes and bro keitt gave me a halo!
This is Sister Lavaki