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December 20th - December 26th

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas season.  There is a poem that my District Leader shared with us this week that I loved and planned on sharing! I just realized I forgot it. Next week guys, next week! The thing I loved about the poem is that it emphasizes that even after everything about the Christmas season settles back into normal day to day life, that is when the work of Christmas, or the spirit of Christmas can take place. Stayed tuned for next week when I post that poem, it is beautiful!

Recap of my week:

Friday Dec. 21st:
The whole mission gathered together for a Christmas Devotional. It was nice to see other missionaries who I haven't seen in a while.  Sister Morgan read a darling christmas story to us. The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey  It was a delight to be read to again despite getting older.  Sister Morgan reminds me of my own mom so it was a treat to hear her read to us.  I don't think we ever get tired of a good story =)  I recommend this book! It really touched my heart.  One day I hope to read this book to my children.

Sunday Dec. 23rd:
We had a lovely day.  The highlight was going caroling with Sister McCurdy while Sister Asregadoo and Sister Otukolo contacted.  Sister A. taught a man named Michael in ASL. He was very receptive and accepted a Book of Mormon.  Sister McCurdy was trained by Sister Tu'akalau as well. She is a very talented singer and we had fun talking to the people who stopped to hear us sing on 125th.

Monday Dec. 24th:
The highlight was going to a delightful Christmas Eve dinner at the Bishop's place.  He and his wife have two cute boys Isaiac and Alexander! Isaic is 4 and Alexander is 1 and 1/2.  The dinner was delicious and I even asked for a copy of the potato receipe! I'm becoming a new person here on the mission! hahah
One of our investigators came and so did a few members from our young single adult congregation.  We read the Christmas story, sang carols, and we even read the book "Twas the Night before Christmas". Ash Coleman read it =)  When we left there it had started to snow.

Tuesday Dec. 25th:
Christmas morning I woke up and we all came together!
Sister Broderick, Sister Woo, Sister Asregadoo, and I all gathered by the Christmas tree =) Sister Broderick read to us from Luke 2.  Afterwards we opened presents together.  We had bought presents for one another that were simple but thoughtful. Then we opened presents from friends or family.  I am very grateful for everyone who mailed me something for Christmas (card or present).  
Special Thanks to Mica McGriggs, Tristan Mouritsen, Jeff & Sandy, My Parents.
It hadn't really felt like Christmas all month since I'm out here serving. But taking time to sit and open presents and even the joy that comes from giving gifts really helped me feel like I had a piece of Christmas this year.  The day got even better though because I got to skype with my wonderful family!!!
A special thank you to DEBRA WEED who so kindly aloud us to use her laptop and come over to her apartment to talk with our families!
I got to see my parents, Cj, David, Ethan, Luke/Annie/Finley, Toddy  Then I got to see Seth/Jane/Ryan/Amelia and a surprise Christmas present of Tristan!!! It was awesome!!! I took pictures so I wouldn't think it was a dream the next day lol.  Thanks for filling me with your love!  I am truly a blessed individual!!! Heavenly Father has given me such amazing family and friends to guide me in this life and bring me joy.  I hope you may feel the Lord bless you in your life.  I know you have been a blessing in mine <3
After we finished talking to our families we went by a member's apartment who had a lot of the young single adults who were in town for the holidays over.  We had dinner and enjoyed their company before heading back to our apartment.

Wednesday Dec. 26th
As for today... Sister Broderick and Sister Asregadoo are sick.  Sister Woo was sick a few days ago.  I am holding strong though =P
Today Sister Woo and I went and did laundry and I had the time to clean and write some letters.  It's actually pretty nice having p-day the day after Christmas so we can clean and recollect ourselves lol.

I love you! 
Thank you for your example to me and I hope to live each day appreciating the here and now.

Peace and blessings
Peace and blessin's!

Sister Emily Johnson

two more pictures
this is me being awesome!
and another investigator =)

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