Thursday, January 10, 2013

Thursday Jan. 3rd - Wednesday Jan. 9th

It's always good for me to sit down and write about the week because I'm able to think,
 "What did I do this week?"
Haha I know many of us have to confront our memory as we recall previous memories.
Weekly Report:
Thursday January 3rd:
We taught two lessons and had dinner with one of our members.
Our lessons where with Brendan and Jeff.  They are always a blast to teach!  I love preparing to teach investigators because it allows me to ponder the doctrine and what questions or concerns the person we're teaching might have that I don't have.  Both were some what long lessons as we addressed their needs in depth. Plus it was Sister Lavaki's first time meeting them, so it was a tough way to jump in and get to know them lol, but she did great =)
Friday January 4th:
The APF (Area Prosylting Focus) was in our area.  That's when our zone comes together to help one companionship with a consentrated effort in one area.  It used to be called a Blitz.  We followed through with an idea I had one night when I was pondering something Elder Rasband (a general authority) had said about when he was a mission president.  In one area the only thing the missionaries could do was stand on the corner and give out copies of the Book of Mormon.  Although the missionaries didn't know how their efforts would impact that area Elder Rasband did get to see a baptism come forward from their efforts a few years earlier.  So I got thinking, "Why not tell people we're giving out free copies of the Book of Mormon? We do that anyways, but if they know that up front maybe they'll be more inclined to take one.  Plus people who are more interested will be filtered faster. "  I felt good about this idea. I really wanted to give it a shot.  Our companionship brought 20 copies and the elders had about 10 and we set up a table by the 96th station of the 1,2,3 train.  The first five minutes were a little weird and we got two negative responses. However, after that it really picked up! There were all kinds of people coming through there and we were able to put it out there. We gave away 30 copies of the Book of Mormon and some in Spanish within an hour and a half.  It was a joy to give out copies of the Book of Mormon! Some people who took it had never heard of the it so some times they would stop and let us share more.  Others who didn't have time could simply take the book and go.  One guy I talked to said no at first but turned back before crossing the street and said, "Why not?"  I made a point to put a card with our information inside the ones we brought and I'd include a copy of the restoration pamplet when people took a copy =)
With the presidential elections, the Book of Mormon musical, and various news on the church I think people are more aware overall about the church or at least have heard of it. It's a great time to share the gospel because people have questions =)  
The only down side to Friday is that it was freezing cold!!! I was wearing a huge coat and gloves but my fingers felt like they did when I took a fall snowboarding a month before the mission and Tristan had to warm my hands up. It's the kind of cold where I feel I can come really close to crying! I eventually took a break inside the train station.  After a little while we ended the APF and got hot chocolate at 7/11.
Saturday January 5th:
Our whole mission had the opportunity to serve one more time in Queens.  We were put in groups according to our district or zone and then we combined with some of the NY South Missionaries.  We were there to help them finish up with the work orders that had been received because of the storm.  From what I've heard most of the groups didn't have very much work to do.  Our group was lucky though because we were able to help a guy strip out a lot of his mom's house.  He was happy to see the damaged things get removed. His gratitude is the greatest thank you he could give us.  Afterwards there was a time when we were waiting for our ride (the south missionaries had taken the Canadian people who came down to help back to the train station. We stayed behind to finish the clean up. On the way back to pick us up they got lost. The two south missionaries didn't have a GPS and it wasn't their area lol. They were lost for two hours!) so we went to the beach near by. It was fun to sit at the shore.
Sunday January 6th:
I was sick =( I was sick a few days ago with sinus nonsense or a cold. I think it got worse because of Saturday's service. However, it was great going to church and having half of our ward back in town =) In the afternoon we had our inspections where older missionaries come and make sure everything is well with our apartment. The two senior sisters that come to check our apartment are so adorable! I love them =)  We went on a split so Sister Lavaki and Sister Broderick could go to a dinner appointment.  I stayed home with Sister Woo for dinner and we had a deep conversation analyzing what it means to be open with others. It was really interesting.  After the mission I'd like to research some studies and see if there are similar conclusions that have been made.
Monday January 7th:
It was a weird day. However, we did get to teach a lesson with the APs (Assistant to the President) and it was lovely.  We met a crazy lady on the bus! It's pretty normal but this one was especially crazy because she didn't really understand who Jesus was. But she "believes in Isaiah". She was entertaining if nothing else. 
Earlier in the day we met a cool artsy girl that was super nice. She wasn't very interested in learning but she told me about a lot of great art galleries to check out. Sister Lavaki thinks we'd be great friends =)
Tuesday January 8th:
I was able to talk to my Dr. in AZ on the phone. That was cool, plus it shows me I've been out for another six months.  Time is so bizarre, that's why we need to use it well.  Later we had lunch with a member and his roommate who are comedians here in NY. They are very funny =)
Following that we had a lesson with Yassmin! She is a recent convert from the Bronx when I was there. She is living in Harlem now and it was great to see her again.
We met with another investigator and read from the Book of Mormon with him. Earlier we read the first two chapters with him. This time we read chapter 3 and verse 7 really impacted him.  It has given him the desire to search the scriptures and read more.  I love how the scriptures and the spirit can touch us in a deeper way than we can often explain.
Sister Lavaki was very bold with him about our purpose and trying to find out what he wants to learn about and how he has to be willing to put in the time.  At first I was really nervous about what she was saying because I know the investigator a little better but by the end I felt really good about what she said and how really it's how the Lord will bless him.
Wednesday January 9th
Yesterday was my eleven month mark for reporting to the M.T.C.!  How crazy is that =P
We have a few more things to get done today.
  • Thursday January 10th  Sister's Conference
  • Sunday, Jan. 13th CES Firesdie (Elder Uchtdorf)
  • Friday, January 18th  Mission Leadership Training
I love you!
Remember to take time each day to...
  • pray and talk with Heavenly Father
  • study the scriptures
  • go to church (once a week at least)
I know if you do these small and simple things with an open heart Heavenly Father's love and spirit will be with you in rich abundance!
Alma teaches,
"6 Now ye may suppose that this is afoolishness in me; but behold I say unto you, that by bsmall and simple things are great things brought to pass; and small means in many instances doth confound the wise."
I add my witness to Alma's that small and simple things will indeed bring about great things! That's like my life story right now! Both for myself and for the people I am serving here in New York City.
I hope you have a wonderful week!
Sister Emily Johnson

pictures for this week

I was jumping on the damp mattress we rolled up. It was a lot of fun!

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