Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Starting 2nd Cycle

Hello Friends and Family!

I am officially not the newest missionary in the New York New York North Mission! lol  It's a good feeling :) I'm learning the area better,  I'm not afraid to talk to the people, I'm feeling the spirit more as I listen to the people and pray that the Lord will guide my words.  Something I've learned so far on the mission is that if you open your mouth the Lord will help you find the words.  He never promises they will be well constructed sentences.  He never says it'll sound like a scholar.  However, I know as we speak from our heart and even fumble what we are trying to say the Lord's spirit will be there to bless those that hear us. And through the spirit we will be able to get our message through to those who are prepared to hear it.  Plus the more we open our mouth and just go for it, we will improve as we have opportunities to practice being guided by the spirit.

So that's pretty much my life here in the Bronx.  I talk to a lot of people, some going better than others, and I being myself as I share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  We don't need to be afraid to share the Gospel with others. It's an amazing thing. We just need to be genuine and share with love. And be respectful of wherever they are at this point in their life.
So this last week was pretty good =)

It's the start of a new cycle so there are new people, new goals, and I am working my hardest.  It's cool because it's like seeing one chapter close and another begin.  Over the whole mission I'll have 13 of those chapters.  Just enough time for me to evolve in my journey of who the Lord wants me to become.

I don't have much time to email this week, so I wanted to highlight some of the main points.  First is the new Sister in our apartment (companions with Sister Vanderdose) is Hermana Ortega! She is so awesome =) We've had a lot of fun together! It's going to be a great cycle I can tell!  I'm still adjusting to some of the other changes from transfers, but it's just a matter of time and getting to know the missionaries in our zone.

We had an appointment this week with a less active member who just had knee surgery. She is one of the coolest people ever! She is a fashion designer, loves to skateboard, and she has so much positive energy about life.  She was so uplifting to talk to even though she has plenty of reasons to be frustrated, namely the large cast on her leg! haha. One of her dresses was in an episode of One Tree Hill. Her website is
She had been released but due to medical negligence she ended back up in the hospital! I felt so bad for her.
We actually tried to go visit her in the hospital Tuesday night but we went to the wrong hospital. Hah that sucked.  So we called and apologized.  Then I got frozen yogurt from a frozen yogurt truck! Yes a truck! Well van more or less. It's just like an ice cream truck but for frozen yogurt.

It has been so hot here lately!!! I'm very worried about the summer!!! I'm pretty sure I'm going to die lol. But Sister T. said everyone looses weight in the summer because of how hot it is. I'm hoping to loose weight and let the humidity rock my natural curl lol.

I'm almost out of time on the computer at the library so let me just say one last cool thing. Earlier we went to an appointment and realized we had no way of getting into the building because we didn't know the person's last name. There are more details to the story, but the point is I was saying a prayer out loud that the Lord would help us get inside and right after I asked for that I opened my eyes because a guy had opened the door for us! That was definitely the fastest prayer I've ever had answered! haha

I love you all!
I hope you are doing well and finding joy in your life.

Peace and Blessin's
Peace and Blessings!

Sister Emily Johnson

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