Wednesday, July 11, 2012

July 11th

What a glorious opportunity I have to be serving the people of New York! 
What is the value of a full-time mission? Watch this video and see for yourself!

Oh hey guys! Hi :)
I'm so glad you found your way back to my blog.

First things first, this morning I ran three-four miles with Hermana Pipes and it was awesome! We ran near where we live and it turned into an adventure! We are pretty close to the Botanical Gardens and the Bronx River. We embarked on a quest to find the river. As a result of this quest we found a very cool park that is near our apartment that runs along side of the river. My senses were invigorated early this morning as I navigated my way through park trails. My eyes and ears beheld many furry creatures. It was as if I were no longer in the Bronx.  Hermana Pipes and I plan to do this every P-day morning as our schedules are more flexible.

This past week has been a bit of a blur because I have been sick. Wednesday night after we had an amazing time going through the fire hydrant I might have stayed in wet clothes too long... and had the ac blowing cold air on me. And some how I managed to get sick. For the life of me I don't know how that happened ;)
It was totally worth it though. lol

Anyhow, I've learned a lot about how much compassion my companion has :) My under the weather feelings only affected one and a half days of work. One of those nights when we came home a little early I had some of Sister Asregadoo's ice cream. After that she read to me from the New Testament (by my request) until I eventually feel asleep. What good times!

Last night we had dinner with one of my favorite families in the ward. I'm going to disclose their name because I don't think they will mind. It's the Cruz family! Sister Cruz actually has a lot of family in Gilbert and Mesa.  Her and Bro. Cruz got married at the pavilion preserve behind the library on Greenfield and Guadalupe. When I found that out of few months ago I was way excited because that's where my dad and I run sometimes =) They are such a great family! We're going to keep in touch in the future when they are out visiting in Arizona.

July 9th was my five month mark on the mission! I'm starting to feel legit and established.  I am loving the Bronx! We have such amazing individuals in our ward and it's been amazing for me to get to know each of them more and more.  Sister Asregadoo and I are still figuring out each others teaching styles, but all in all the Lord blesses us with miracles every single day. We have to look for them. They are not always big, but they are definitely there.  Yesterday, one of the miracles the lord blessed us with is when we were tracting in a building and this African family let us in.  I love getting to know people so anytime someone lets us in it's always a delight.  The mother there had a very unique name. Her name is Patience. I asked her if she's patient. She chuckled and said sometimes. Also, she runs a day care and one of the children there is this darling little girl and her name is Genisis.

Friday the 6th the Elders in my district (Elder Wendel and Elder Bussard) had a baptism! They have two more upcoming! They are doing such great work :) One complication they are facing is that one of the investigators who wants to get baptized has a tracheal tube and they are trying to work out the details since that can't get wet. If you have any ideas or you know someone who has been baptized who has one bless write me and let us know.  For time purposes, ask one of my family members for my email address and send it on over.  If nothing else, if you know a doctor that works with anything remotely close that might have a professional opinion, that would also be appreciated!

The area that the elders work in covers an entire Spanish ward and more so they receive a lot of referrals. I'm really hoping and praying the Lord will help us find the elect that he has prepared for me and my companion. In the meantime we'll have to continue doing all we can to teach when we find and find when we teach.
Please know that referrals from ward members of friends, family, neighbors, coworkers, etc are one of the most effective ways of finding for missionaries.  People that already have connections and that network of support from those you know are usually way more solid than the people that tell us they are interested in learning more but then ignore us. So please wont you prayerfully ask the Lord who you can invite to meet the missionaries.  Think of the missionaries in your area as me! haha 

After I send this email we are going to head to Manhattan to go to the Cloisters museum. It supposed to be sweet =) it's mostly Renaissance Art if I remember correctly. I am looking forward to that!

I love being a missionary! I love feeling the spirit work through me so strongly. I love having my mind enlightened as I search, ponder, and pray about the message of the restored gospel. I know the Lord is in control and is blessing each of us in ways we can't fully comprehend right now.  I know Joseph Smith was a humble servant of the Lord called to restore the Lord's church again on the earth because of his humility and faith in Jesus Christ.  I know that Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world. He lives, and while he lives I'll sing, I know that my redeemer lives!

I love you. I hope everything is going well in your individual lives.

Peace and Blessings!
Peace and Blessin's

Sister Emily A. Johnson

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