Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July!!

It has been another week in the Bronx. However, unlike past weeks this week was interesting because it was hard to tell the difference between if we were hearing gun shots or fireworks! Just kidding... somewhat.
The best part is that I know the Lord is watching out for us.

Lets recap on this last week shall we :)

Thursday night was a cottage meeting at one of our members houses.  With a lot of persistence from me we were able to get one of our investigators there. Basically for those of you who haven't read my other emails, or don't remember, a cottage meeting is when a member opens up their home to have the missionaries and their investigators over for dinner. To make it more simple, it's feeding the missionaries and also having investigators or less active members present.

We recently watched a MTC devotional by Elder Holland (when we had our last zone conference with the old mission president). It was fantastic! It was really funny though because Elder Holland talked about how we need to be persistent as missionaries. He said, "My wife's Avon lady is more persistent than you." haha
I know our investigator would not have come if I wasn't so persistent with her. When all things were said and done she had a lovely time :)

Friday at the Blitz I split and went with Sister Pipes. It was my first time getting to work with her. I love seeing how different people approach missionary work.
One door we were at had some really loud Spanish Rap music playing. It was way legit. They either didn't hear us knock on the door or they didn't want to but it was probably one of my favorite door approaches because we started rapping about how we were missionaries there to preach the word of god =)
I always wonder when people with really loud music if they don't answer their door because we're missionaries or if they think neighbors have come to complain about the noise. lol

Later that night we saw one of our progressing investigators...ok our only progressing ;) But the others are close.  He took us to a dinner on Jerome and we got dessert. While we were there we taught him the second half of the Plan of Salvation. It went way good :) I love feeling the spirit when I teach as a missionary.

Saturday we spent out tracting and we found a legit guy! It's amazing to see how the spirit has been working through me as I take over the area. The Lord is helping me feel more confident in my ability to teach his gospel.  

Sunday at church, unbeknownst to me, the bishopric was released and a new bishopric was called.  I was really caught off guard by this because I didn't know there were going to be changes.  However, I feel really good about these changes.  I am excited to see the direction Bishop Merkley leads us now :)

Monday we went to go teach a really amazing guy we contacted the other night. Unfortunately he gave us bad information. Aka he JUKED us. It was fine though because I know the Lord knows where I will go and puts people in my path regardless. After we left the building we went into family dollar to pick up a couple of things.  While there we ended up having a really spiritual lesson with a Jamaica man who is a professional carpenter. He now works at Family Dollar during the nights because the current economical situation. He's way cool though.

On Tuesday we had the opportunity to go down to Manhattan and have a meet and greet zone conference with our new mission president and his family.  President Morgan and his wife are excited to be here =) and we're excited to have them.  They have a lovely family. Two of their five sons are out here with them. One has just graduated high school and is awaiting his depart to Chile to serve a full time mission. The baby of the family is 16 and will attend White Plains High for his Jr. and Senior yr of high school.
President Morgan works very high up at Zion's Bank. I can't remember what exactly he does but I know he plays a big role in it. They will be my mission president for a year of my mission.
The Morgans are way legit! I'm excited for the new energy and fire they will bring into the work.

As for yesterday, Wednesday July fourth... it was pretty epic =P 
First things first, Tristan I hope you had an amazing 22nd birthday!
I spent the majority of the day with some of the other missionaries.  First we were there saving a park spot for the Spanish ward, later they were going to be having a picnic.  While it was just some of us missionaries at the park we played with the bubble wands my mom had sent me! :) It was awesome, I was laying down on a blanket looking up at the blue sky with boisterous green leaves blocking my eyes from the sunlight, with the exception of the few rays pointing through.  As I took in the beautiful image above me bubbles drifted over me reflecting every visible color. 
Later during the picnic I got to meet some of the members from the Spanish ward. Also, I met a guy named Austin who is from Gilbert who served his mission here a little over a year ago. He is back out here studying music composition. He wants to attend Julliard. He has a lot of business ideas that I think we might collaborate on in the future. I love how heavenly father gives us a chance to learn and grow from one another. Not to mention, network!

Then finally, the perfect way we ended the day was going with two of the elders and taking pictures of us running through a fire hydrant that was crazier than most of them! Typically they just splash on the ground. However, someone had attached a wooden plank at an angle of this one that made it launch the water in the air! It was crazy cool.  Furthermore, it had been such a hot a sweaty day that it was insanely refreshing to get soaking wet. All the people sitting out on their stoops cheered so loud for the Elders! I think it's because they decided to get wet wearing their suit and tie.
That was definitely the highlight of my day! It was so fun and silly, and it felt incredible!

The Lord has been blessing me as I take over the area. It's cool to learn how I truly can listen to and follow the promptings of the spirit. I'm so grateful for the Lord's church, and the fact that there is a way provided for each of us to know if these things are true.

Sister Emily A. Johnson

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