Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Beginning of my 4th Cycle

Hello wonderful friends and family :)
The summer time is upon us and I am taking over the area!

A lot has happened since last week. 
Today is my preparation day. We don't usually have p-day on Tuesday but they changed it for this time because our new mission president is coming in on Thursday.
Sister Tu'akalau is getting transferred to Olmsted. That's the East side of the Bronx! My new companion is Sister Asregadoo. She's pretty cool. I've spent time around her before because she was in Manhattan and we'd see her and her companion on P-days.
This was a really weird last week with Sister T. Thursday and Friday she was sick.
I redyed my hair on Thursday during weekly planning.
Saturday was a bit of a rough day.  We had a few appointments which were good, it was just hard because I some what knew Sister T. could be leaving. I was feeling really anxious about the possible changes and the anxiety of taking of the area. However, Sister T. and I made a picture book for the older missionary couple as a thank you for all the improvements they have made in our apartment. We added funny commentary to them. It turned out so funny! We were dying laughing! We are a rather comical pair if I do say so myself! =P
Throughout the day I was feeling pretty inadequate. I did a lot of soul searching and said a very long heartfelt prayer that night.
Sunday was a marvelous church day!
I knew the Lord was answering prayers. Everything that was spoken in sacrament went straight into my heart :) The thoughts and talks shared were a lot about becoming committed to the gospel of Jesus Christ. Furthermore, how we aren't called when we feel ready.  Brother Brittion, one of our awesome ward members talked about stories in the scriptures when great individuals like Peter and Isiah did not feel ready to be called by the Lord.  He bore his testimony about how feelings of confidence of doing the Lord's work comes as and after doing his work.  Also, since none of us receive calls when we feel ready, the Lord just needs us to say, "Here I am. Send me." Then he'll send the blessings that will help us become who we can be.
At district meeting we trained in our district about how to get the ward members involved more with the work. I'm excited because I have a lot of ideas of things I want to do and change to help the work move forward in this area.
After that we spent the majority of the day visiting members so Sister T. could say goodbye.  At one of our members place, Sister Phillips (one of the sweetest ladies ever!) shared this thought with us. It's from the ensign and it further confirmed to me that the Lord is mindful of me :)
Now it is Tuesday and we had our transfers. After this email I think we're going to take Sister Asergadoo's bags back to the apartment

This just in, some people broke into the garage of the church and stole some of the money and credit cards of the other missionaries. Mostly some of the other sisters because their purses were down there. The metal door got lifted up. That's so frustrating. Please keep them in your prayers.

I love you all and I hope you see the way the Lord blesses us each day.
Thank you again for all your support and letters.

Peace and Blessings!
Peace and Blessin's

Sister Emily A. Johnson

Elder and Sister Denison who we made the photo album for

me being crazy when it had been raining

a sample of the photo album ;)

a picture of all the missionaries from my last zone

one more picture-it's of Sister Asergadoo and I

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