Thursday, August 16, 2012

August 15th

Hey lovely friends and family.
Elder Soresen in my zone is being kind and letting me use the computer before him. I have been waiting most of the day as missionaries alternate trying to get a chance to use the two computers we have here at the chapel, while also hanging out with the other missionaries.
Today was a big transfer!!!
All but six companionships in the 150ish missionaries (70 some companionships) are being affected by this transfer! Three of those companionships come from our zone and two of them are in our apartment! Our zone has drastically changed.
We had some amazing missionaries leave today. It's really hard to see them go.
President Morgan has also changed the way transfers have happened.
It's been a positive change. Before we used to gather in the parking garage underneath the church and the missionaries got a bit roudy. However, now they take place in the chapel and have a dignified and spiritual manner. It was really uplifting. President Morgan really cares about his sacred call as our mission president and he is implementing positive changes that the spirit has impressed upon his heart. Also, he is hilarious! He has the perfect balance between having the spirit and cracking jokes :)
As I strive to be more obedient I see the Lord blessing the work and inspiring my mind. I have been seeking to know more about the mysteries of God and the Spirit is teaching me =)
Well I'm going to let Elder Sorensen have his time on the computer.
I love all of you!!!
Thanks for the constant support (mom, david, and dad thank you for the letters!)
Sister Emily Johnson

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