Wednesday, August 8, 2012

My 6 month mark! (August 8th)

Today is my 6 month mark in the mission, which means I just have to repeat everything I've done two more times! haha just kidding. It's not quite like that. It's realizing that everything I have done so far has prepared me and taught me things to help me excel in the mission field with only one year left.  Everything from this point forward means I have less than a year to make this count!

Today I am limited on the computer at the library. Let me get out the highlights!

Friday Aug. 3
Stayed up late decorating our apartment with two of the other sisters to surprise Sister Pipes on Saturday for her birthday! It was a lot of fun. We even took a picture poster of Justin Beiber and taped it to the chair. We said it could be here birthday breakfast date. I also said she could pretend it was Enrica if she wanted. I forget his name, but it's the spanish version of Justin Beiber

Saturday Aug 4

The ward picnic was a Blast!
  • Sister Pipes birthday
  • Yassmin's birthday
  • I climbed a tree =)
  • super humid!
  • Sister Britton did awesome facepainting
  • I got to spend a lot of time talking to members of the ward
  • I also realized how much I love throwing a football back and forth, as well as a baseball when I'm wearing a mit! I'm pretty athletic =D after the elders teach me some of the techniques.
Sunday Aug. 5th
Sister T's birthday
I received a lot of spiritual guidance. I fasted for a few things. One of the things was for the people the Lord is preparing in NY. I was inspired by the spirit about a really cool analogy. I shared it in testimony meeting. I'll write what it is next week when I have time. It's about how our ward is like a search and rescue team.
Also, I got a package from my mom. Thanks mom!

Monday Aug. 6
That night I was talking to our investigator Joe on the phone. He told me to tell my family not to worry about me; he's got my back! lol
I got a letter from Tristan =)

Tuesday Aug. 7th
Legit day!
We taught some less active members, had some appointment with active members, had a couple of people feed us, and ended the day reading from the Book of Mormon with Joe. He is really relating to Nephi and loves the courage he has!

I love you all very VERY much! 
I'm sorry this is short but I'll talk to you next week.

Sister E. Johnson

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