Monday, September 24, 2012

Thursday September 13th - Wednesday September 19th

Thursday September 13th
We had dinner at the Cruz's which is always a lovely time! We made our own Calzones =)
Elder Stratton and Elder Fife taught the lesson. They showed an awesome visual-aid representing the pattern we go through of having prophets and apostles on the earth. It was way cool. I'm going to make my own copy to use during lessons.

Friday September 16th
The highlight from Friday was on the way to the blitz and after.  On our way there I saw a woman on the bus who I was standing in front of. Her and this guy were talking about his cool Nike bracelet that monitered all his work out info. At one point in the conversation I chimed in and started talking about it with them. When we got off the bus I remember feeling sad because the woman had seemed so nice and I wanted to share the gospel with her.  After the blitz Elder Topham invited us to the Subway right there for lunch.  We went to meet them and on the corner of where the subway was located stood that lady! At first we walked past her (I had waved at her but she didn't see us). We were about to go into the store but I grabbed Sister A. and said wait come here. We went over and started talking to this woman. It was really nice to talk with her. She asked us what we do. We told her we teach people about Jesus Christ. She said she had just been saying that day how she was looking for a church to go to. We told her where ours was located and she said it was right down the street from where she lived. As we continued to talk to her we came to find out she lives in OUR BUILDING! She's our neighbor! haha I couldn't believe it. Then she was joking that she would have to start coming to church otherwise if she ever saw us on the elevator she'd feel awkward ;) I'm looking forward to getting to know her more.
I told Elder Topham about the experience we had and thanked him for inviting us to Subway for lunch. We joked that he is guided by the spirit through his stomach, or that it was actually a spiritual impression that he dumbed down and associated with his stomach. Either way this is not the first time he has had a positive spiritual experience come from his hunger. We talked about putting together a book or article entitled: Following the Still Small Voice that came as a Rumble. Positive Spiritual Experiences that have come as a Result of Elder Topham's Stomach.  Hahah I would read that article. The book could be a collective volume of how missionaries have felt the holy ghost work through them. For example I feel that I am influenced by buildings/architecture. 

Saturday September 15th
We started the day by coming to help clean the church. It feels great to work beside the ward and help take care of the building we are so fortunate to have to worship in.
I love having lessons with Less Active Members or Recent Converts because I always feel the spirit so strong as we teach according to their needs. It's amazing!
Later when we went home for lunch I was thinking about some of the things I had felt and learned during our lesson with a member after we cleaned. I decided to start journaling during this time to record all the swirling thoughts up in my brain. I have learned that one of the ways the spirit speaks to me is as I am writing. I have ideas that come to me and as I answer or address that idea I receive another one. It's one step at a time, but if I'm focused I can receive a lot! 
It was incredible the things that came flooding through my mind! It had a lot to do with my blessing and the things the Lord has in store for me in my life and the future.  I also gained a greater understanding about why I needed to serve a mission! I am so blessed to know that I truly do have a heavenly father who loves me and will speak to me if I am seeking him! The parts of my blessing that unfolded/came together on a much deeper level were a few different parts that have stuck out to me for sometime now. It's like after much searching and pondering they all came together! I  truly received some special insight into  what God wants me to do with my life and the way the mission is going to impact his plan for me =)
Sister Asregadoo made us lunch. She's a legit cook. She made chicken breasts stuffed with Feta Cheese and mashed potatoes. Yes family, I will indeed eat mashed potatoes if someone else makes them! haha 
While she was making them the spirit was enlightening me on what Heavenly Father wants me to know. It funny because I would say something to her but then say hold on. It's like when I'm learning from the Holy Ghost I am in a much deeper spot mentally and I don't have the time to communicate to others. Occasionally in between thoughts I'll come up for air but for a good majority of the time I am somewhere much deeper where I'm unreachable haha
Then we went and met the Spanish speaking Sisters at the chapel.  We went to a park near there and did an activity where we started drawing out the plan of salvation in side walk chalk! It was awesome =) One by one kids started coming over to see what we were doing. They wanted to help color. We told them to draw things they were grateful God had given them.  Later they actually helped us draw parts of it (such as coloring in the world).  There were a few parents or adults there that we were able to talk to as well. It was mostly children though. I love how open children are. I truly feel like I know why the Savior had such a special place in his heart for children. It helps me to take a look at my life and assess if I am being teachable. Do I have a open heart? Am I willing to listen to what Heavenly Father is teaching me/trying to tell me or am I closed off like a teenager thinking I know it all or am too good for it? What interferes with my ability to learn? What do I need to do to change that and become as a little child? For I know little children are going to inherit the kingdom of God.

Sunday September 16th
It was a lovely day =) 
Church was fantastic and inspired. I felt I grew closer to the love the Lord has for me and each and everyone of us.  I am grateful for how clear the eternal perspective becomes when we serve the Lord with all our heart, might, mind and strength. Not to mention trying to teach the significance and importance to others. The things of the Lord become so clear and amazing.  I feel like serving a mission has given me a prescription to see the finer details of life that my physical eyes can't see, but my spiritual eyes can.

All of which the ability to see is given to any who diligently seek to know Christ. After all he is known for making the blind man see. He can do that physically and spiritually if we will but ask him. Sincerely ask him and seek him in our everyday life.  He will make even the cloudiest situation as clear as day. He is able to do all things. He stands willing and able to do those things for you... he wants to do those things for you. How can you allow him to help you see clear this week? What will you change or do that will enable Him to help you see?

I love you all! There's not much to say about Monday and Tuesday. 
Plus I am going to go play Ultimate Frisbee for p-day with some of the missionaries in my zone!
I hope to hear from you soon.
Please soak in deep the words that I am saying. I am learning so much out here and I want everyone to receive the same knowledge, peace, and blessings I have received, and continue to receive. It's up to you to decide if you desire those blessings and then diligently seek the Lord in obtaining them. He is the only one who can give them to you. I know that he will give you all the blessings you could hope for and more if you build that relationship with him and do the things he has commanded out of love.

Sister Emily Johnson

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