Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Last Week Sept. 21st - Sept. 26th

I have so much to fill everyone in on.  This has been a really incredible week.
First things first, I am officially getting settled in Manhattan! I LOVE Sister Maldarizzi =) 
(See picture below) I feel so wonderful about this transfer! The spirit has been burning inside me so strongly today. I am so energized and excited about the change in routine! It's like there is a part inside of me that has come back to life with a new energy and charge!
The apartment is narrow and long. It feels so perfect and cozy. I never thought I'd say that, but now that it's filled with my things it is perfect. I love the room and the office with our study desks. In my apartment in the Bronx all of our beds were in the same room and it was kind of distracting. I think having the companionships in two separate sides of the apartment will really help us stay focused and be obedient. There is definitely still the common area but as far as study desks and rooms we're on opposite sides of the apartment.
I am ready to get to work!

Friday Sept. 21st
We were having a long day.  I was tired and needing a spiritual recharge. It was so great though because we had an appointment with a family in the ward who has a daughter that turned eight over the summer who wants to be baptized. It was wonderful to go into their home and feel the spirit as we taught her the basics.

Saturday Sept. 22nd
I got a letter from my Dad! It was so sweet, simple, and wonderful. It truly made my heart smile.

Sunday Sept. 23rd
Church on Sunday was fabulous! It was great to say my last good byes to the ward. I told them I was pretty certain I was getting transferred. It was satisfying because a few of the members thanked me for all the work I did in the ward and praised me for making a difference. It was a fantastic feeling to have the members acknowledge the work I had done. I knew I tried to build up the ward and leave it better than I found it, but to know that other people noticed and appreciated my efforts, was truly rewarding.
That night we had dinner with the Dilleys. They are a new family in the ward. Brother Dilley is going to Columbia studying business. He served a mission in Mexico and Sister Dilley served a mission in Chile. They are an incredible family! They are very missionary minded and I know they are going to have such a positive impact on the ward and the area. They have two daughters and the younger one in named Emery and they call her Eme. She has blond hair and blue eyes!  
Brother Dilley gave us a ride home and we stopped by the contact we had met last week after the Blitz-the lady I had met on the bus and later talked to outside of subway (Friday Sept. 16th) who lives in our building.  Her and her husband were home and they happily let us in. We had a fantastic lesson with them about the restoration. They were both pretty receptive. It was a neat experience.

Monday Sept. 24th

District meeting was really good. It's great each cycle to get to know the zone. The other missionaries really help me have an enriching experience in the mission because they are the ones standing by my side. Other aspects of the mission can change any minute, but the other missionaries and the meetings we have each week is the only consistent part about missionary life.
After district meeting we had lunch and went to Sister Ortega's funeral (WHEN MISSIONARIES ARE FINISHING THEIR MISSION WE SAY THEY ARE DYING) Thus when you have a missionary funeral you honor the life that individual missionary has lived. A select few share their feelings about that missionary and the way they served. I was part of the musical number! I wrote a parody to Kelly Clarkson's Since You've Been Gone called When You Are Gone. It was about Sister Ortega leaving and how it would impact the rest of us. Sister Pipes, Sister Asregadoo, and I performed it =D
Later that day I found out where I was going to be transferred to and who I'd be with. Immediately after I found out I felt a great sense of peace and excitement. It just felt right.
That night we had dinner with the Britton family! They are amazing! I will definitely miss them. I'm glad to know that the friendships I make on the mission are not just for now, but rather friendships I will have forever!
And on top of that I got a letter from Janice! It was lovely to hear from one of my very Very Best Friends!

Tuesday Sept. 25th
Tuesday was an incredible day! The opposition in all things applied in this one day as well. It was a very crazy day but so amazing as well. It was crazy because we were trying to plan a member split to be in two places at once that night. We needed to get members to come with each of us and the second appointment we could not get a hold of to confirm with.  
It was really hectic trying to pack and coordinate the possible member split happening that night. 
Everytime I wanted to just forget about the split and say it was too challenging Heavenly Father helped coordinate one part. It gave me hope each time. It was like "ok, this could work!" 
We already had Lisa Jackson set to go with Sis. A to the first appointment. I just needed to find someone to come with me. We had a lesson with Ethel and Sister Britton at the church. I proposed the situation to them. Ethel eyes got really big and she said she'd come with me. When I planned out the details with her I knew she was who the Lord wanted to come with us. Once we coordinated with the members about who would come with us I knew it was going to happen.  I felt that we just needed to plan on it unless we heard otherwise from Candy. It was kind of crazy but she was the one that originally said Tuesday night would work for her. I figured the worse thing that could happen is that Candy wouldn't be there and we'd have to do something else.  We ended up going by and she wasn't there, but her boyfriend who we've been trying to coordinate with the spanish missionaries was there and he let us in. He only speaks spanish. Elder Fife and Ethel were able to teach him an awesome lesson in Spanish! 
When we met back up at the church after both lessons the positive impact those teaching experiences made on Lisa and Ethel was phenomenal!!! They were both glowing and over joyed at feeling the spirit and realizing how much an impact their testimony can make! It was such a magnificent way to end my last night in the area. I am so thrilled about the growth I've seen take place in the Kingsbridge second ward. 

Wednesday Sept. 26th
Today was awesome! I received a lot of spiritual direction and guidance at transfers when President Morgan spoke. I wanted to include some of the things I learned and felt today 

I love you!
Have an amazing week! We will be in touch =D

Sister Johnson

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