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This Week Sept. 26th - Oct. 3rd


Wow I feel like this is going to be one of the most eventful emails ever!
I suppose that is what happens during a transfers week when I move for the first time to a new area.
I moved from the Bronx to Manhattan and Sister Maldarizzi and I are over the Harlem YSA Ward!

Wednesday September 26th
I absolutely love Sister Maldarizzi! She is artistic too =) She is such a loving sweet and silly Italian girl and we have so much fun together! 

My new address
Sister Johnson
153 E. 108th St. #2
NY, NY  10029

Thursday September 27th
In the morning we ran to Central Park =) It's right by where we live.
Highlight of Thursday was that night at an appointment with a student named Chase who is going to Columbia University. He just returned home from a mission in Canada. He is awesome! 
Back story: a few weeks ago they had a university club fair and the LDS club had a sign up for institute classes. Jose was one of the people that signed up. He is not a member of the church but he started attending institute classes. After a few times Chase invited us and some other members over to meet Jose. We got to know him a little better and then taught him the Restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ. It was an amazing experience! He accepted everything and accepted a baptismal invitation for October 27th! I knew the 27th was a Saturday because my birthday the 29th is on Monday haha. Anyways I thought that would be really neat right before my birthday =)

Friday September 28th
A wonderful day!
We had lunch and dinner with members! In between the two we met a girl named Shannon who is was awesome. She just moved here from Montana. She reminds me of a mix between me and my sister CJ lol. It was a great way to spend the afternoon. 

Saturday September 29th
We had correlation with our ward mission leader Alex Kim. He is awesome.
Also, the Relief Society Broadcast was amazing! I can't wait to re-watch it or read it when it is published. The talks focused on the atonement and what exactly that means for us and I was truly touched. I'm so excited for General Conference!

Sunday September 30th
We taught Jose the Plan of Salvation in the morning. It went really well. I love seeing how prepared he is for this gospel! 
After that we attended ward counsel. It was Legit! Our ward is very efficient. It was hard for me at first because it's very different that the Bronx in the sense that I don't have as much responsibility on a ward level. However, it's great to see so many people come together for the greater good of the ward.
Church was great! I bore my testimony and I felt the spirit so strong! There are so many amazing young single adults here. The vast majority are studying or working within Theater, Dance and Art! I want to be best friends with everyone! haha
That night we had dinner with an awesome apartment of girls. 

Monday October 1st
The main thing I want to share about Monday is that at District Meeting I had a very tender experience. The training that was being taught by my new district leader Elder Goode was about developing the Christ like attributes of Patience and Humility.  It was a tender mercy for me to realize Heavenly Father is very aware of me and my needs. Focusing on Patience and Humility in depth, such as what they are and why they are important I heard words come out of my mouth that I new were for me right then. lol
Really it's all about taking things one day at a time. Since everything else is going well in this area (the work, my relationship with my companion, the strength of the ward) I really have nothing to feel anxious about. It's just different... but I am happy to be here. I know this is where the Lord wants me to be! I am happy to be here =)  To help me transition I will be focusing a lot on patience and humility. 

Tuesday October 2nd
We had another lesson with Jose! This is his third lesson in one week! While teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ Sister Maldarizzi did a really cool object lesson about how the gift of the Holy Ghost keeps us safe from the filth and temptation of the world. It was so cool! 
You dirty a container of water with pepper. 
Then you dip your finger in it and bring it out. 
Naturally when we live in the world we get dirty. 
However, when we are baptized we get to wipe off the pepper and be clean. 
Then we receive the gift of the Holy Ghost you put liquid soap on your finger. 
Therefore when you enter back into the dirty world WaZAM (visual aid affect) you can be protected. 
The soap immediately pushes the pepper away (like a force field) 
Thus we can be in the world but not of the world. We are protected from the temptations and filth of the world. 
After that lesson we went and had a pastry/dessert in a local cafe. I included what we ordered to make your mouth water! haha 
From there we were deciding what we wanted to do because we had planned on contacting again at Columbia University but the rain was throwing us off. 
We said a prayer and went to go attempt tracting in the dorms. On our way to do that we past a dorm that was open and had a person at the desk. Then the idea came to me to ask about leaving pamphlets at the desk (as recommended as a finding idea in Preach my Gospel).  The security guy at the desk, Richard, suggested to us that we could tape a flyer up on the bulletin board! 
This sparked a wave of ideas. We then created flyers about the YSA ward and things available for students that age (for example weekly activities and bible study classes-aka Institute). We put a few of them up around campus. One housing place let us put up the flyer, leave pamphlets and leave pass along cards. We are excited to go again and use the resources of contacting through the college.

Wednesday October 3rd
Today we collect the last of my things from the Bronx apartment. It was so great to see the Bronx again! haha I forgot how much I love it until I had a chance to go back. I know I will love my new area as well. I just have more memories in the Bronx.

It's been a long week but I am excited for what's coming. We get fed pretty much every night here by members! It's amazing. However, I don't think it's going to help me with my birthday prep diet plans haha.
My goal was to not eat any sweets all October so i could really enjoy my birthday but I don't know if that is realistic at this point. We will see.

Speaking of my birthday... well here are some ideas in case anyone wants to send a little love to a poor missionary haha but don't worry about it. My birthday present is serving the Lord! I just figured if you're thinking about sending me something, this could be a great place to start. 

Birthday Ideas
  • money so my companion and I can go to some awesome art museums that I want to go to but they cost money
  • SD card/s for my camera (so I don't have to send home the ones I have-i usually print pictures for what we call bye bye books-it's when other missionaries go home, it's like a scrapbook)
  • sticky notes (lol-great for missionaries)
  • thin tipped sharpie markers (again, great for missionaries!)
  • gum (5 brand-light blue)
  • kleenex
  • church cds (sold at desest book)
  • money for me to get a new bag or clothes
  • jamba juice gift card
  • if you don't want to purchase the office supplies such as sharpies or sticky notes- STAPLES gift card is ideal
I hope you have a marvelous week.
Sister Emily Johnson

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