Wednesday, October 10, 2012

October 4th - October 10th

This time last year I had my call to the New York New York North Mission and I was attending a semester of school in Flagstaff. It is so bizarre to realize how quickly time goes. I had heard from people that missions go by fast! The first six months I did not believe them haha. However, I do believe once you lock six months into serving the Lord it does indeed start to speed up. 

This has been a really spiritual week for me!

Thursday October 4th
That morning during my personal study I was really intrigued by the story of Lazareth because of the Relief Society General Broadcast. One of the speakers had mentioned Lazareth's death and how the Savior comforted Mary and Martha. Ever since she spoke about this chapter in the bible with so much emotion I desired to read it.I studied that portion of scripture as depicted in Jesus the Christ by James E. Talmage. 
James E. Talmage describes the manner of Jesus's words as ASSURING TENDERNESS
This phrase sunk to the bottom of my heart in the depths of humility. I felt an overwhelming sweet peace from the spirit. I can not think of a better expression to convey how the Savior speaks. Assuring: to inform confidently, to make sure, insure  Tenderness:  gentle and loving.  

We had a really wonderful lesson that night with a student. He has been dating a member for sometime. He's from Los Vegas but is out here for school. He's been looking into the church on his own for the past few months but it's great to actually start working with him. During our lesson with Him and a member I had a few really special experiences with the spirit. I love that as a missionary I am able to feel the spirit confirm to me the truth of the things I teach. My purpose is to bring others closer to Jesus Christ by receiving the restored gospel, and at the same time I am becoming deeply converted to the gospel of Jesus Christ. I am learning to become a disciple of Christ.

That night when we were on our way home from a dinner appointment we were waiting for the bus. There were four Not in Service buses that came through!!! I was so annoyed because of how many buses weren't coming. Then I thought, I wonder if there is someone here I am suppose to talk to! There was a guy I had noticed about two buses into our wait. I decided to talk to him and I know the Lord put him in our path! Without a doubt I know we were meant to meet him. It was awesome! He has been through such a rough life but he had been recently very humbled and had a spiritual experience and felt the Lord was asking Him to let the Lord guide his life. He wanted to let the Lord guide his life but he wasn't totally sure how. We gave him a Book of Mormon and I testified that the Book of Mormon was the iron rod that he could hold on to. That if he wanted the Lord to guide his life I knew this was the perfect way! He was so grateful! He was going into the hospital that night but we're going to give him a call one week later.

Friday October 5th
We had another lesson with Jose and he is so humble and ready for the gospel it makes my heart smile.  We went over some of the commandments and helped him understand what General Conference is and he was pretty excited! 
We had a dinner appointment that night with a graduate student named Darren. He is awesome! One thing that really impressed my heart was when we were having our spiritual thought with him we were talking about how people need the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He said not only do people need the gospel of Jesus Christ, everyone DESERVES the gospel of Jesus Christ. This touched my heart because it really helps focus on what our role is the process. With saying people need the gospel it's almost implying that you are going to bring these people something that they can only find through you and you are so great for bringing that to them. However, when you say, everyone deserves the gospel it's placing you in the servant position. We are all children of God and we are bringing them the knowledge they are entitled to.  Plus when I compare the words need and deserve it changes my out look on why it's important to share it with them. 

Saturday October 6th
General Conference was AMAZING!!! I am so grateful so such inspired men who are called of God to guide us in these latter-days. I'm not sure if it's because I am more focused on the needs of others as well as my own or what, but I really took a lot away from this conference. 

I love you! I appreciate the support and prayers you send my way.

I pray that everyone was able to watch general conference with an open heart and accept the influence of the Holy Ghost inviting you to change for the better. Thus allowing ourselves to become the very best that we can in this mortal probation as we prepare to meet God.

Love with all my heart,
Sister Emily A. Johnson

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