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Weekly Report Thursday February 7th - Wednesday February 13th

Weekly Report 
Thursday February 7th - Wednesday February 13th
This has been a very odd week lol. I am happy to report that all is well. It's had it's ups and downs but that is life. I am grateful for the experiences I am having here in NY because they are teaching me how to turn to my loving Father in Heaven. The experiences and examples I have with me during these 18 months are going to have a strong influence on shaping the rest of my life.
Thursday Feb. 7th:
Thursday was one of the most spiritual days I've had my entirely life! I realize that is quite the statement but it's true.  We had the opportunity to go to a training where Brother Watson and Brother Donaldson would be teaching us.
Brother Watson oversees proselyting throughout the whole world! Bro. Donaldson was the mission president of the mission where they filmed The District 2 
I LOVE THE DISTRICT 2! Pretty much any of my companions can attest to that.  I've watched some of the clips of him teaching other missionaries or address mission presidents and I love his teaching style.  To be able to be taught by him in person was an absolute delight! He taught seminary and institute for years before getting called as a mission president so I'm pretty sure it's his teaching experience that makes him so effective in my eyes, given the fact that he strives to follow the spirit and build off of what each of us feel and think.
The training was basic but profound. The spirit was at the chapel so thick I felt it engulf me... it was the coolest experience I have ever had!  We learned about teach the doctrine of Christ and more specifically how to teach the doctrine of REPENTANCE.  It was profound to review on a deeper level the significance of how we access the Atonement of Jesus Christ in our lives.The only way we can and the only way we can be changed by Him is through Repentance, Baptism and continued repentance.
We also were taught a more effective way to involve the pamphlets when we teach.  I felt the spirit the entire time we were there and at the end when President Morgan was talking to us again and talking about the spirit we felt together that day I was so overcome with emotion that I started sobbing! haha I had no control. All I know is that I left there as a better individual.  I will never be able to deny what I felt when I was there. I know the atonement of Jesus Christ is a gift from our Heavenly Father for us to return to live with Him.  However, the only way we can access that gift is through repentance and the ordinance of baptism. Then continuing to repent, truly repent frequently to retain the remission of our sins and be edified and shaped into who the Lord wants us to be, so we can reach our full potential one day at a time. 
Friday Feb. 8th:
Lunch at the Martinez home
Blizzard-getting grounded (our zone leaders text us and told everyone we had to turn in)
I received a package from Mom with a mormon messages dvd and a funny baby toy that giggles-it made me so happy =D Everytime it giggles I can't help but chuckle.
we watched the mormon messages the majority of the afternoon since we weren't allowed to leave our apartment. It was awesome! I'm so grateful my mom sent that DVD because it gave us something to do for a few hours besides bonding with our hermanas!
My one year mark of starting the mission (entering the MTC) It's funny how on significant days I can never leave the apartment EX. my birthday was the day of Hurricane Sandy and we were instructed to stay inside. Now on my one year mark I stayed inside because of a blizzard.
Saturday Feb. 9th:
In the morning we were instructed to not drive yet but to get out and do service.  I got to experience a miracle and be an instrument in the Lord's hand! So I ran out of time emailing but i'm writing it in bold so I'll remember to tell this story next week lol
Brendan's baptism got rescheduled because of the blizzard. It'll be this next Saturday.
Sunday Feb. 10th:
I spoke in sacrament meeting!  I didn't formally write out my talk so I can't share it, but I think it went well. Sister Awerkamp and Elder Aagard spoke as well.
Monday Feb. 11th:
A stressful day for me.  We visited a family with less active individuals and it's not what I'm used to. I have experience in helping investigators see how the gospel will bless them. It's different though with individuals who have been baptized in the church because they don't always see the significance or they can loose focus on what the gospel is all about. So adjusting to that amoungst the many other changes of working in a completely different area (nothing remotely close to what the city was like) was compounding and starting to bother me.  I knew the Lord would guide me but I felt overwhelmed and disconnected from undestanding what I needed to do.  That night I talked to Sister Awerkamp and told her about some of the things I'd been feeling.  She was great and let me get it out. By the end of our conversation I felt pretty good.  Plus we taught the Simmons that night and I always leave there uplifted!
Tuesday Feb. 12th:
During personal study I pondered the things I was feeling the day before. As I spent time reflecting peace entered my heart and the spirit directed my mind to what of those concerns I needed to focus on and which I should not.  I love that through the Holy Ghost I can receive direction in the work and where I should focus my efforts.  One of the things that I felt was that I need to study and learn how to teach people to give their burdens to Christ. He's the only one strong enough to carry them.  I can't carry their burdens that's for sure! I know that the Savior can and will.
Wednesday Feb. 13th:  
Today Sister Dalley is going to color and cut my hair! She went to Paul Mitchell in Provo the same time as my sister Sam and they were in the same core class! Small world =P
I've got to run!
I love you!!!
Sister Johnson

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