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Thurs. March 7th - Wed. March 13th

Thursday March 7th:
The elders that we serve with started riding bikes on the days they don't have the car. It was snowing a lot on Thursday. We met Elder Aagard and Elder Rydalch at the church to discus some details for our branch. Since Elder McCullam went home we wanted to get on the same page. Elder Rydalch is a new missionary from Oakley UT.  We were suppose to have a dinner with them but the dinner canceled because of the bad weather. We all went to McDonalds. We did a lot of stop and go as the elders biked there. We'd go a certain amount in our car and then pull over until they past us. We have a lot more respect for the elders because of their ability to ride their bikes in bad weather.  We are kind of jealous we don't get to ride bikes because it'd be a great work out. Yonkers has a lot of hills and their breaks don't work very well.

Friday March 8th:
My 13th month mark was a snow day! haha well at least the first half of the day was. We watched Legacy and Together Forever as an apartment. When we got the all clear we went back to our scheduled day. Natasha, a recent convert, came with us to do some look ups in Tarrytown. The person we came to see wasn't home so we made our way up the street. I was able to help shovel the sidewalk for this guy who looked tired. A little ways into my time shoveling my lower back muscles really started to ache! haha so I had a good reminder that we should be in our best physical shape so we can serve anywhere and anyhow the opportunity is presented.  I pushed through and finished the job I started.
After we dropped Natasha off back in Elmsford where she lives and works (it's near to Tarrytown) we decided to tract a little further up her street. It was very cold, but I felt the warmth of the spirit burning within me. The sunset was magnificent and the colors seemed so vibrant as we went door to door. We mostly talked to Spanish people but I was able to get contact information for two of the Spanish individuals to give to the elders in that area.  I also saw a lawn that had flamingos in it and it reminded me of my mom being reminded of my Aunt Barb! haha even though her flamingo incident was a long time ago I know that my mom always thinks of her. So now I guess I do too! But it's funny to have a silly reminder of family members you love.
We went by the home of a less active woman from the Dominican Republic who lives in our branch.  Her siblings and mom are members but her husband and kids are not. She is such a sweet lady. She let us in and we visited for a while. We scheduled a time to come back Monday. She wants to feed us =)

Saturday March 9th:
We went to the church to work on some information for the branch and Sister Awerkamp practiced the piano. Later we went to pick up Bailey Fillmore. She is our branch president's daughter.  She came with us to the Nelson's apartment (the Nelson's are the branch mission leader and his wife from AZ!) We picked a song to practice to sing in sacrament on Easter Sunday. Following that we had dinner and correlation. Then Bailey came with us to our appointment with a funny black lady from the branch who we are helping to prepare to go to the temple. We visited her two weeks ago. It was a neat experience because we had some thoughts about potential concerns she might have or things that could come up, but the Lord had prepared her in between our visits because she was way ahead of what we had prepared. It was neat to see! She also kept making comments that we couldn't help but laugh at. For example she was talking about how she had seen the elders street contacting in Getty Square and there was also a person preaching on the other side of a square with a bull horn. She said how all the people were leaving the guy with the bull horn and coming to the Mormons! The Elders were "kicking it!" =) She was so funny! Also, she set a date to prepare for. She's going to the temple April 20th!

Sunday March 10th:
It was a hopping day at church! There were a lot of people there that we had been trying to work with at church. It was a beautiful sight! Our investigator Mary who is getting baptized next week was there as well. After church we had Linger Longer (2nd Sunday of every month). It's always a treat! (no pun intended)  As linger longer was wrapping up Mary had a seizure =( We found out though that she has seizures every two months or so and she takes medication for it. Her daughter knew what to do and we got an ambulance there asap. They took her to the hospital to check out her vitals. She was released later that night.  During the day we went with Natasha to visit a lot of people. We were able to visit a less active member (we read from the Book of Mormon with her). Then we saw Herbert and Shirley (potential investigators), the Simmons(Active members), and we visited Mary (investigator) right before she got released.

Monday March 11th:
As an apartment we are doing a sweets fast where we are off of sweets for one month. People here feed us so many treats and we hardly walk at all. In the city I could maintain it, but here, not so much haha. Anyways there are some rules we decided on. One of the rules is that you can have one sweet once a week (minimal serving). I got a weird ear ache on this day. It was kind of a boring day but we were able to help one of the less active young woman prepare a talk that she has been asked to give Sunday on the Young Women value Knowledge. All of the Young Women are speaking in sacrament meeting. 

Tuesday March 12th:
We were able to visit a lot of people. One of which we were able to talk the visiting teacher with us. It helped us out and it helped her as well. Highlight/embarrassing moment of the day:
We were visiting a less active woman and while we were there we were talking to her. She had been playing Monopoly with someone in the background. I asked, "Oh is that your son?" Her response, "My daughter..." The girl was right there and could definitely hear me and she just looked at me. I tried my best to repair the situation (even though the woman is already a little awkward) I said something about how I saw the short hair and assumed but then I realized I've had short hair before. We quickly moved forward in the conversation.  To give you a better idea of how awkward this situation is, the daughter although where what look like boy pajamas, was 20 yrs old!!! YIKES! She looked more like 17-18 though. hahah it was just so embarrassing. Regardless I think the mom is going to ride the bus with us to church this week! 
We rapped up the night at dinner with the Hippen family (as usual) and they are one of my favorite families! They are the best and are what I hope my family is like in the future!

Wednesday March 13th:
I love you! Today is kind of a crazy day. We need to go change our clothes into the dryer. Later we are meeting the zone at the Scarsdale chapel for zone activities! Volleyball, soccer and making Horchata.

I love you!!!
Sister Emily Johnson

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