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Thurs. April 4th - Wed. April 10th

Hello again!
Did anyone like the new format verses the old way where I broke it down by weeks?
I think I'm going to write the new way today. The day by day break down was nice for the sake of mapping out what I did this week, but by writing a regular letter it flows better and I don't have to think as hard. I can just write what comes to my mind =)   (We all know that a lot of things are frequently in and out of my mind)

First things first  I  ABSOLUTELY  LOVED General Conference!!!!! If you missed it watch it ASAP... in fact stop reading my email right now to watch it! haha or you know, whenever you want. I just wanted to emphasis how amazing it is. I was spiritually nourished and I feel confident in how I can increase my faith and improve the quality of my relationship with the Savior and my Heavenly Father over the next six months.  I can't really recap on my favorites because I would probably tell you something from almost every talk! I know I would, I already did in a letter I wrote to Tristan today haha.  So what I would like to highlight is how much missionary work was talked about.
Have you CAUGHT THE WAVE? If not, I invite you, along with Russell M. Nelson to CATCH THE WAVE! There were so many wonderful talks about sharing the gospel and why the restored gospel is so significant! We really do have something amazing that needs to be shared with all of our brothers and sisters here in this mortal life.  Plus there are missionaries like me who are working hard to build up the Lord's kingdom and it's always more effective teaching people that members know. 
Please do as Elder Neil A. Andersen advised and let sharing the gospel take you to your knees, as it should.
The stone is being cut out from the mountain without hands and nothing can stop the work of God. Even though I don't understand the Daniel (2) scripture very well, I do understand that the Lord is hastening His work and now it the time! 

Monday April 8th was my 14 month mark!
Tuesday April 9th was Sister Awerkamp's 3 month mark!

This past week has been rewarding. We are trying to spend more time in our assigned focus. We work in the northern part of our area but we have permission to come down and work with less active sisters in Yonkers. We went up and spent some time doing a look up and tracting in Irvington and it was gorgeous!  The approach is a little different up there and I'm still getting the hang of it, but I know the Lord will help me find ways to touch the hearts of those rich people lol.
On Friday we went to the elder's APF (area proselyting focus) and Sister Awerkamp and I tried an approach tracting that I had thought of (or rather the spirit impressed upon my mind) a night or two earlier. It was to focus on the Book of Mormon. After the small talk that you do to start talking to people, just as the wealthier people want you to make your point  we asked them if they've ever heard of the Book of Mormon. The results have so much potential for good. We are able to teach an actual lesson because we tell them a little bit more about the Book of Mormon/what it is. We tell them we are giving away free copies and we'd love to leave them with a copy. From there if we can expound more on the restoration and set up a return appointment we do. If they aren't interested in that they let us leave them with a copy of the Book of Mormon, a restoration pamphlet, and our phone number.  It didn't work every time, but in the hour or so we gave out three copies of the Book of Mormon! Which is a big deal up here haha.
It's nice because if they are already religious we have something to build off of. If they're not religious they've at least heard of the bible. The Book of Mormon truly is our unique message we offer to the world. 
As I mentioned earlier I absolutely loved General Conference. Sunday in between sessions our Mission President and his wife had our zone over for waffles! Oh the blessings of serving in the zone that has a chapel literally next door to the mission home! I mentioned in the pictures I sent this week that I met Jill Frehoffner (previously known as Jill Harmin. Her sister Angie used to be in my mom's Young Women class and she baby sat for our family for years. And Jill served a mission here in NY city as well! Now she is married to someone who is a counselor to my mission president. CRAZY! lol
I am thankful for what the mission is helping me become. I am grateful for this investment my family and my heavenly father is making in me by providing for me to be out here.

Sister Awerkamp is going to be training! Our mission president pulled her aside on Sunday to tell her. I imagine this means I'll be going to open up a new area again. It's hard to say. I will definitely keep you posted. I will find out more specific details between Thursday-Sunday. There are 32 missionaries coming in April 17th. 16 of those 32 will be sisters! There are 10 Spanish and 6 English coming. CRAZY.

I love you and I pray for you often!
Sister Johnson


Our apartment
Sister Awerkamp and I might start going by Faith & Hope ;)

 On Easter we had a challenge where we played the Game Never Have I Ever, but each time we lost we all had to take an Easter egg bubble gum! Needless to say our mouths got really tired from chewing so much giant pieces of gum at once!

 In between general conference on Sunday I met Jill Harmin! Who's sister used to babysit for my family in UT before I was even born! She served a mission in NY city too! Now she's married and her husband is a counselor for my mission president. SMALL WORLD!

Off to go do some service for a lady in our Branch. We're helping them remodel their home which was built in the 1860s and added on to in 1920! 

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