Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The start of my 3rd cycle

Hello hello everyone!
This week has been really good :)
We did some look ups of people we had received contact information from who might be interested in learning more about our message. The nice thing about doing look ups is that you can start to determine if they were just being nice but don't want to learn, or if they genuinely have a desire to learn more. It felt good to drop a few of the names that day so we could start devoting our efforts to those who the Lord is preparing.
That night we got fed by a couple in our ward. They are awesome! The wife reminds me a lot of my mom because of her strong faith and the many Many miracles she has seen the Lord reveal in her life after being baptized.
We had dinner with one of my favorite sisters from the ward. She is a SASSY Black lady who reminds me a lot of one of my friends from home. It's mostly because they are both very opinionated, have studied physology, and because they can tell you stories for hours and I sit and laugh hysterically.
Afterwards we went and contacted people.
We had the priviledge of hearing Elder Rasband speak to us.
The speaker of the talk The Divine Call of a Missionary.
He's the president of the quorum of the 70. It was an awesome experience and I was so uplifted! He talked to us about a lot of things. Back in  the day he served a mission in the Eastern States Mission. Later he and his wife were the mission president in the NY NY North Mission (My mission!)
Next week when I have my notes with you I will tell you more about that experience and what I learned.
We met at the stake center in Manhattan, which is also the temple (just a different floor). It was awesome =)
We had a BBQ with one of our members in their backyard and the weather was beautiful! I talked to the members daughter about dental work :) haha

We received shot calls (finding out if anyone was getting transferred)
Sister T and I are staying together! I thought she might get transferred.  But she didn't =) We've got four more weeks together for now. This next transfer is going to be shorter than normal because President Smith didn't want the new mission president coming in to also have to deal with transfers the week of his arrivals.
The only change happening in our zone is Sister Pipes coming in to replace the dying Sister Vander Does
This was the best day of the week by far!!!
We had such a legit lesson with a new investigator.  He had previously been taught by missionaries and he was close to getting baptized last time but he wasn't ready to make the commitment, but he was the one who contacted the missionaries this time around.  The spirit was so strong in our appointment with him! He remembered quite a bit about what the other missionaries had taught him. He even felt the spirit and teared up.  He has committed to work towards June 23rd for a baptismal date! =)
After that appointment I was on cloud 9! I was grinning from ear to ear. Sister T. didn't think it was possible for me to be even happier than I normally am. lol.
After that I was contacting it up and talking to everyone! I was just so happy. Then on the bus I was smiling so much. I made I contact with a black guy and after a few long moments he eventually smiled too.
It reminded me of something Elder Rasband said, Smile at the people of New York. You disarm them when you smile.  I love smiling at people! lol
We spent the rest of the day talking to anyone we could and spreading the good word of the gospel =)

One of our goals this cycle is to contact 1,000 people so that works out about 35 a day (it doesn't matter if they listen or reject us). That statistical number is suppose to help us find someone who is ready to learn and progress in the gospel. Plus I just like how it pushes me to talk to everyone.

Also, Monday I started the Eat Clean Diet with Sister Tu'akalau. There is a book about it called Just the Rules and it's sweet! I'm learning how to make informed decisions and not eat processed foods.  I'm excited to loose weight and be in my optimal health weight. This summer is going to be hot! I'm doing all I can to prepare now lol.

I love all of you.
I am so grateful for the gospel of Jesus Christ.
I hope you enjoy the pictures and remember, "when ye are in the service of your fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God."-Mosiah 2:17

Peace and Blessings!
Peace and Blessins'!


Sister Emily A. Johnson

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