Wednesday, November 21, 2012

November 15th-21st Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving (tomorrow)!!!

I have a heart full of gratitude! 
Some of the things I am grateful for include:

1. Having a glimpse into my divine potential as a daughter of God
2. Strengthening my relationship with Jesus Christ over the past ten months 
3. Having such an amazing family. You support me with my success and failures.  You believe in me and your examples and experiences teach me. I would have nothing without my family. You have played such a large roll in who I have become. Thank you for all your support.
4. My closest friends who I can count on. We may go without seeing each other for long stretches of time but when we are united the adventure continues.
special shout out to: Tristan Mouritsen, Janice and Jill Bacigalupo, Ethan Kirkpartrick, Ashley Malan, Mica McGriggs
5. The friendships I have created with others on the mission (members, missionaries, investigators) I love each of you
special shout out to: Mir Ortega, Ethel Baughman, Yassmin Bennon, Sister Britton, and so many more!

This past week:
Thursday and Friday 15th & 16th
Sister Maldarizzi was sick so I had the opportunity to study doctrine more in depth and it was really nice =)

Saturday the 17th
We finally had two lessons with investigators we've been trying to see for a while. The storm slowed missionary life down for a few weeks. However, things are starting to pick up! It's wonderful.

Sunday the 18th
We went with our ward to the Lincoln Sq. building to take the sacrament. We had a shortened sacrament meeting and then headed over to Queens to help clean up in Rockaway. 

Monday the 19th
We had a lesson with one of our investigators and he always has the best questions! 
That night we helped our ward mission leader set up for the Family Home Evening. There was a spiritual thought but the highlight was the marshmallow war!

Tuesday the 20th
We helped at the local food pantry.  I really enjoy serving there because it is relaxing once you get in the flow of your task. This week we bagged two pounds of green beans and went through about 5-6 crates. It was especially busy because of the Thanksgiving rush.  There was a film crew and a photographer come. I might be in their article =) I have to admit, I love the spot light! haha
After we went to Five Guys and got pizza! We go there every week after service because it's dollar slice pizza.
Later I got a pretty bad migraine and it was really hard to stay focused during a lesson we had. We did a split with Sister Broderick and Sister Otukulu so Sister Broderick could pass off an investigator to us.  It was awesome for me to be able to teach with Sister Broderick because we have taught together since the MTC.

Wednesday the 21st
Today we went to Discovering Columbus,” by the Japanese artist Tatzu Nishi. It was way cool! It is an installation of a family room around a statue that is 60 feet in the air. It's cool because it gives you to opportunity to see the art work in ways you would never typically be able to see or appreciate.  It was a cool experience and my friend from the ward Karalee works there.

I love you very very much!

Sister Emily Johnson

p.s. Family in one month I will call you =D

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