Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Lots of Pictures

One of my favorite pictures of the Savior with children. It was printed on a canvas and hung in the primary room in Olmstead.
On our last district meeting we were trying to take pictures as a zone... unfortunately this is the quality of picture you get when there are 20 or so cameras lined up on a table. One day I will have to take better pictures from other missionaries off of facebook. lol

 based off of the picture you would think I was called Foreign! Nope, I'm just in New Canaan where there are insanely rich people. That in itself is foreign to me lol

I am pretty spoiled here! I'll def. try to get some better pictures of everything.

 Sarah and Elle (identical twins with Down Syndrome)
Jenny H. (whimsical headbands) who was visiting the Singles Ward

Photo shoot, welcome to new canaan

I love living with Sister Lavaki again!

 Yankee's Game! The whole mission got permission to go, so I got to see old friends!
-Sister Woo
-Sister Crawford 
(and plenty more I didn't take pictures of or with)
-Neils Topham (former missionary)
Cute kids eating cotton candy and very engaged watching the game
I wish I wasnt blinking... it's the best picture of the field


so here's one where I'm not blinking
taking creeper pictures of other missionary friends through out the stadium

my roomies! (i'm putting on sun screen)
tongan faces
back on the train

I love Sister Makanesi!
so tired after the game

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