Wednesday, June 12, 2013

My first week in Connecticut

Hello everyone!

This was my first full week in my new area. I live in Stamford and we serving in the Wavenly Park YSA ward (in Stamford) and in the New Canaan family ward with two elders.  It's really nice here! This week has been pretty peaceful. When we have been out driving I've reflected a lot on the experience Joseph Smith had in the sacred grove because we drive between these gorgeous trees all day everyday!  The spirit has impressed upon my heart with greater conviction the reality of the experience that took place that day. I know the Lord can truly guide those who are humble, pure in heart, faithful, and who have the intent of acting upon answers they receive. No we don't all have those experiences, but we can receive personal revelation and be guided in our lives.
Sister Ngosha is pretty awesome! I am her second companion so we are still getting to know one another and learning how the other person is. But  all in all we're doing really well. Also, I love living with Sister Lavaki and Sister Makanesi! They are sooooo funny! I laugh so hard every time I come home.
I loved church on Sunday! It was pretty long! Because we cover two wards and had correlation for both, but never the less it was enjoyable. We started at 7:30am and ended with a dinner appointment at 6:30p.m.
Both wards are super legit! I love the New Canaan family ward :)
There is even a couple that has identical twin girls who both have down syndrome! Naturally I feel in love with them =) Their names are Elle and Sarah. I took a picture with them. If I can get the computer to work with the pictures I'll be sure to include that one! Also, the ward is very active and very missionary minded. They have a lot of youth with mission calls right now. I'm pretty sure they have all been called to Brazil. There place they go through to get their visa out here is (apparently) a lot easier to get it then other places.  The houses are gorgous! All of them have this adorable style to them. They are modern, luxurious, yet antique cottage and picnic feel. Naturally I love all of them.  They preserve the greenery here and the houses have beautiful yards surrounding them. 
When I was at the singles ward on Sunday Jenny Hansen was visiting. She's my facebook friend who designs Whimsical Headbands. She served a mission in Arizona and was living in New York at the time I got my call. We had only ever talked through facebook and although she's since moved back to Utah, the ward she used to be in was the Stamford YSA ward =) It was so cool to meet her.  I definitely want to stay in touch with her after the mission. She's a very talented artist.
Let's see what else...
Today I went to a Yankee's game. The whole mission got permission to go because it's the only one that is taking place on a pday this summer. I took us 1 and 1/2 hours to get there from where we are. It's was pretty exhausting. But it was a lot of fun too!
In addition to seeing other missionaries Sister Maldarizzi was there with her sister. She's finished her mission but they are just finishing their week visiting NY. Also, Topham was there! He served with me for the majority of my mission and he was out visiting with his parents and they came to the game! It was so great to see him. I miss my mission friends. He went home in the March transfer. That one was hard for me. So many wonderful friends returned home.
I am feeling happier than last week. When I emailed last week I was so dead haha. Anyhow I am trying my best to draw nearer to the Lord. I hope you are doing well.
I am grateful for this time I have to serve. Sometimes I have to remember to take a deep breath and breathe. 
"Be still and know that I am God."

Sister Emily Johnson

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