Friday, August 16, 2013

Go Crazy =D

Well it's hard to believe it, but this is it! This is the last email before I come home from my 18 month mission.

I don't have my planner with me so I feel somewhat lost. Usually I look at that and recap on how my week has been.  Ok I borrowed Sister Ngosha's planner. It wasn't quite as detailed with my highlights but it helped me get the general over view. I'll do my best to explain the blessings I received this week. If nothing else I can tell you in person or on the phone next week =)

Over all there are three main events I want to comment on.

The first is how amazing Sanna is doing and how I see her testimony strengthen on a regular basis.  We met with Sanna twice this last week. We had a lesson on my 18th month mark and it was a very powerful lesson! It was centered on the role the Book of Mormon has in our conversion. We taught a lot about gaining our witness through the Holy Ghost and praying about the Book of Mormon. She's already been reading the Book of Mormon every day for the past two weeks! However, now she has a copy of the Book of Mormon in Finnish =)
We also taught her on Tuesday morning and it was a nice lesson on the Word of Wisdom. A while back she told her friends in Finland that she wasn't going to drink for a year. I definitely think she was being prepared by the Lord.  Sister Ngosha has started learning a few Finnish phrases! lol
The coolest part about Sanna's story is that later that day she was reading the Book of Mormon and just pondering and she got very emotional. She text us saying she thinks she "knows". I always would joke with her and say, "I know one day you will know and you can text me and say 'I know!'" And at last her it was :)  She's still not fully confident but she's getting there. I loving seeing how the spirit really works on people.

The second note worthy item is the fact that Chris White returned home from his mission! lol  His family is in our ward out here.  I love his parents and they all joined the church about ten years ago. His younger brother Nick is leaving in October to serve in Zimbawe Africa! This past week we have been over at their home a few times visiting with Chris and getting better acquainted with Sister White's parents who came into town for the occasion.
It was weird when Chris gave his talk because I'll be giving mine two weeks later! Sunday we were at their home cracking up talking to the grandparents. We were trying to answer some of their questions but the conversation kept going in circles. Thus it became very humorous to all of the younger participants.

The final experience I want to share about was my preparation day yesterday. It was awesome! We got to drive with President Morgan down to the city from Scarsdale. I always look forward to those more personal interactions. He's a wonderful man.  We met up with the other "dying missionaries" or rather the missionaries that are going home when I do at the temple.  We went to do a temple session and see the new movie :) It was fabulous!
President Morgan counseled us to seek to feel the Lord's acceptance of the mission we served when we were in the Celestial room.  I felt a lot of peace during the time we were in the temple. It was the last time I was going to be there as a missionary. Having a temple in the heart of Babylon to attend during the mission has been one of my favorite things and sources of refuge. 
After the temple we went to eat at a restaurant called Nick's. We had a few tables so it ended up being Sister Broderick and I with President and Sister Morgan. We were cracking jokes and telling stories. It was relaxed and meaningful. I enjoyed every minute of it.

It's starting to sink in. Slowly, but it's coming. This next week I will have my last Sunday and my exist interview (probably Monday). Oh and Sister Kindlespire got special permission for us to go to the Statue of Liberty! So it turns out I get to do that tomorrow even though it wont be P-day. 
The last night in the mission home (August 21st) we will have a testimony meeting and then we're allowed to play games, watch Disney movies, and hang out! haha it's going to be legit!

Well it's going to be one crazy week! I know this chapter is closing and I'm so grateful the Lord let me have these experiences. They have shaped my very character.

I love you!

Sister Emily Alexandra Johnson

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