Thursday, August 8, 2013

Every Minute, Every Second Counts

Another week has come and gone and I'm freaking out by how fast time is going by.  First things first, we are short on time because we going to a Zone Activity at our ward mission leaders home in New Canaan. We're going to play Tennis and an intense game of district ultimate frisbe. If you can imagine, or if you have every played a competitive game with it wont surprise you to learn I have been talking a lot of trash! hahah 
I am so stoked for this activity! I've been looking forward to it for some time now.
This past weekend our investigator Kevin went with the young single adults on a trip to Palmyra!  He loved it =) He is still progressing towards August 10th as a baptismal date. Keep him in your prayers! He is a amazing guy. 
I feel very strongly that I needed to come to this area to learn from Sister Ngosha and to make the connections with people in Stamford and New Canaan.
Yesterday we went to look up a Less Active member who lived in Darien that could come to the singles ward. He has an amazing family! We got to meet his cute little grandma who has recently lost her sight. She is originally from France. She is very intelligent and her mind is vibrant and sharp. She told us some amazing stories. She is my hero =)
Also, I found out the whole family is pretty artistic! The dad is the creative director for Crayola! How cool is that?! He is also the ward mission leader in the Darien ward. We had a great time visiting with the family and we felt the spirit really strong when we shared a spiritual thought =)
It was such a fabulous way to end the day because all day was slow and frustrating. We had to deal with some obnoxious people and a lot of things falling through. It was so nice to feel the Lord's gentle reassurance that all of the hard things we face are worth it. It's just a matter of endurance. Today I was studying in Alma 14 and at first I didn't want to read the chapter because I didn't want to read about people getting burned haha. Anyhow I'm glad I did read it because I went on to notice HOW much Alma and Amulek had to struggle and endure tremendous hardships for righteous sake. It wasn't until after a lot of obnoxious people, lawyers, teachers, and others repeatedly smote them and spit on them, starved them, and took away their clothes for days in a row that the Lord intervened!  The Lord's timing is everything! Reading the words of the opposition I thought of how much they tried to provoke Alma and Amulek but they said nothing. They attempted to place a lot of doubt "if you really have the power of God with you free yourself from these bands"  (that's not a direct quote but rather me paraphrasing lol). The Lord, our God, cannot be provoked. He is patient and long-suffering. Justice and Mercy will come, but in Heavenly Father's time frame. This chapter taught me why bad things happen to good people.  
I know the Lord is pleased with the work that I'm doing here and I'm excited to finish strong! 
If I have a chance to get back on after our activity I'll write a little bit more.
I love you!
Sister Johnson

Our AC wasn't working at the beginning of the week and our apartment got to be 88 degrees. It was disgusting! lol but it's fixed now.


Heck yeah!

After a lot of trash talk it was time to bring it!
Car pooling as an apartment to District Meeting

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