Sunday, July 21, 2013

One of my favorite weeks in this area!

I was going to speak more Spanish but I only know how to say it... I can't actually write it.
Oh well, on to my missionary life!  This week has been awesome!  Things are going well in our apartment and I'm working really hard and as a result my spirit is catching on fire! Gospel fire!!! haha
It's a little unreal to me that it's coming to the end. I'm investing my heart, might, mind, and strength! 
We've been doing a lot of contacting outside of the Stamford library and I'm LOVING IT so much! I love talking to people and asking them questions about their life. It becomes so clear as you get to know them and their background what aspect of the gospel you have to offer =)
Plus I know the talents and abilities Heavenly Father has given me to connect with people and to become their friend is a skill that applies to sharing the gospel! 
This week we've been trying to use our time well and be fully engaged in the work. When you cover two areas and when one of those areas is for young single adults spread out in your zone it becomes easy to find ways to apply yourself to the work =P
We have also found ways to help with meaningful service! One of my favorites was helping a girl from the singles ward make some crafty bookmarks for her wedding reception. She had us put together bookmarks with embellishments that dangle to have in books and table pieces. Her wedding will have a lot of lavender and a very shabby chic look! She's going to have a brooch bouquet. The wedding is on August 10th. We're going to try to get permission to attend =)
On Sunday we literally ran around no stop! Starting at 5:45am until 8pm.
That's what happens when you go to two wards and a few primary teachers ask you to speak in their class. We had a lesson with Kevin and he's agreed to work towards August 10th as a baptismal date!
We had two wonderful sacrament meetings.  In the first one there was a beautiful musical number by the family of a girl who had her mission farewell. She is going to Brazil.  Then in the singles ward it was scheduled as a musical Sunday and sacrament meeting consisted of beautiful songs.
The closing song was "How can I keep from singing." It was beautiful!
I also found out about a dental consult that our member had schedule after an exam. He'd received a group on about teeth whitening as a gift. He said it seemed crazy what they wanted to do lol. Anyways we talked for a little bit and then decided he should go to his consultation and tell me about it Monday when we met.
Monday came and we had a nice district meeting with all the new missionaries. Our zone increased in size and we now have 23 missionaries! Including a Portuguese trio (including Elder Ishikwa who is Japanese but grew up in Brazil and stopped playing soccer professionally to serve a mission!)  
We had some really great lessons with members from the singles ward and I taught everyone a lot about dentistry! hahaha
My assessment was that the root planning that they recommended could be legit and he should follow up with that and get a second opinion from his family dentist. He admitted that he doesn't floss or get regular cleanings.
But the part that was ridiculous was the bonding they wanted to do on his front anterior teeth claiming that in order to do the power whitening (similar to zoom). They said he grinded his front teeth and told him something about the enamel. The total bill of everything they wanted to do was $2,000!
I estimated that the work he might actually need done could be around 500-600 lol. I didn't remember how much I loved dentistry until now I guess.
Anyway I just wanted to included that for my family (dad, brad, sam, and maybe cj) to discus. Hopefully what I told him and gathered from the information they gave him was correct.
For family home evening that night we got in groups and acted out a part on the scriptures =) Our door at our apartment for our room got stuck/broken and when we got home that night we were locked out of our room! It was ridiculous. I tried calling the landlord earlier but the landlord saved in our cell phone was not even the one for our building! haha
anyways the Portuguese elders from upstairs came and helped us.
Tuesday again I felt the Lord confirming to me all that I've become on my mission. We spent a ton of time contacting outside the library with a lot of materials to give away, a table, and white board with questions written on it. We were there from 11:30am-2pm. I got sunburned! I was able to teach and set up a lot of return appointments with individuals. Later we had some time before a dinner appointment and we were able to see to individuals that we have been trying to get in touch with for a long time from the church. The timing was absolutely perfect! I truly know the Lord is guiding us in this work.
I've been watching a lot of mormon messages from the dvd my mom mailed me back in February. I love feeling the spirit of the messages shared. It has helped me want to be the very best that I can be! It's been impressing on my heart the importance of cherishing each moment.

This first one has had the greatest impact on my week and perspective of my mission

This one reminds me that I should expect improvement from myself

I highly recommend referring often to the mormon channel on your digital media. It is entertaining, inspiring, and nourishing!
Today we are going to play games with the other missionaries at the church. I am excited!
Also I've been eating really healthy and getting really buff so that is exciting haha. 
I know that the Lord can work with our desires. We must prayerful seek His will and know what our next step of progression is. He loves us more than we can understand. He wants us to enjoy this life. He wants to comfort us in our afflictions. He wants to be apart of our life. The question I ask you
Are you letting the Lord be apart of your life? Are you inviting Him in and giving Him opportunities?
I humbly pray that you are and if you're not that you will. You have to desire it but I can promise you the blessings are real and you will never regret letting Him back into your life and into your heart.
I leave my testimony with you in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.
I hope you have a wonderful week! 
Sister Emily Johnson

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