Thursday, August 8, 2013

Just Keep Swimming

Hello! I set the caption as Just Keep Swimming because Sister Lavaki wrote that in my planner this week and I think it perfectly explains the position I'm in right now. I'm close but I'm not there yet =)

This has been a nice week =) It's been very spiritual. Friday we had our Zone Conference (my last one!) and it was exactly what I needed! The breakout sessions with the Assistants was focused on Keeping Commitments and Asking Inspired Questions. Towards the end of the conference President Morgan spoke a lot about becoming Consecrated Missionaries! There is a talk that was given in the MTC by a general authority in 2008 that he based his comments off of. Nevertheless it was very exciting and a little overwhelming to internalize what he shared. Everyone left with a renewed desire and commitment to serve the Lord with all their heart, might, mind, and strength, leaving everything on the alter of sacrifice to do the Lord's work!
Since then we've been trying to apply these things into the work and Sister Ngosha and I have noticed a difference. It's neat to see how this is shaping the work. I'm grateful this is my focus these next few weeks. I also am excited for the missionaries who still have their missions ahead of them. I know if they will commit to be a consecrated missionary their mission will be an incredible experience to them.  I feel I have tried to do this throughout my mission, it's just nice to have an official name for what this is. 

Tomorrow I'm writing my mission experience! It's a paper about how my mission has influenced me as an individual.  I'll make sure to include a copy next week. Today was a nice P-day. We rearranged and organized our room very thoroughly. It's clean, spacious, and welcoming! I'm excited for the change of environment to rejuvenate my spirit.

Also, this past Sunday the daughter our bishop in the YSA ward came home from her mission in England! She was called to serve Mandarin speaking. She spoke at church and she had such a strong spirit when she spoke. I couldn't help but think how that was going to be me soon. Then Tuesday (yesterday) we had dinner with the White family in New Canaan. Their son Chris returns home from his mission on August 8th (my 18 month mark of going to the MTC) and speaks that Sunday (August 11th)! It's unreal! All of these returning missionaries are reminding me that it's almost me! After Chris's homecoming talk I'll only have one more Sunday left of my mission! So Weird!!! 

I am looking forward to seeing everyone very soon! I love you! I can not believe it is actually here. But until then I'll just keep swimming (with all my heart, might, mind, and strength! haha)

Sister Emily Johnson

we matched one of our members!
zone conference

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